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List of Sacred Waterbodies Kerala

Sl. No.Sacred TankTempleLocationDistrictCurrent Status
1Ambala KulamMullakkal Devi templeAlapuzhaAlappuzhaThe tank is well maintained and thee water is of good quality.
2Ambala KulamShiva templeAlapuzhaAlappuzha The tank is well maintained and the water is of good quality.
3Ambala KulamSree Subramanya Swamy TempleHaripadAlappuzhaThe tank is averagely maintained. Desiltation is not carried out regularly. Local people use the water for bathing.
4Ambala KulamNagarajan TempleMannarsalaAlappuzhaThe tank is in good condition.
5Ambala Kulam (Elephant Tank)Krishna TempleEvoorAlappuzhaThe tank is properly maintained and the water is of good quality.
6Sakthikunda Tirtham and Ganga TirthamBagavathi AmbalamChenganoorAlappuzha Sakthikunda Tirtham is not well maintained; Ganga Tirtham is well maintained.
7Ambala KulamSun templeAdityapuramErnakulamThere is heavy growth of algae in the tank. This has made the water unfit for bathing and other purposes.
8Ambala Kulam and Raththa KulamChottanikkara Bhagavathi TempleChottanikkaraErnakulamThe tank is well maintained and the quality of water is good.
9Ambala KulamMahadeva TempleKottayamKottayam The tank is well maintained by the temple authorities and the water quality is good.
10Ambala KulamSaraswatiPanachikaduKottayamThe tank is well maintained and the water is found to be good.
11Ambala KulamRama TempleRamapuramKottayamThe tank is well maintained.
12Ambala Kulam and Kunnattu KulamSubramanya Swami / Parvathi Devi templeKumaranallurKottayamAmbala Kulam is well maintained while the Kunnattu Kulam is poorly maintained.
13Ganga Tirtham and Shivananda TirthamVaikathappan TempleVaikamKottayamThe Ganga Tirtham has been closed due to the development of the Vaikom town. The water from the Shivananda tank is exclusively being used for temple rituals.
14Thali KulamShiva TempleKaduthuruthyKottayamThe tank is fairly well maintained.
15Villu KulamShiva TempleEttumanurKottayamThe tank is well maintained.
16Bhasma KulamAyyappan TempleSabarimalaPathanamthittaMaintenance and water quality were found to be good.
17Jalavanthi (Ghantakarna Tirtha) and Puthen KulamVallabha (Vishnu) TempleTiruvallaPathanamthittaJalavanthi Kulam is well maintained while the Puthen Kulam is poorly maintained
18Chakra TirthamJanardana (Vishnu) TempleVarkalaThiruvananthapuramThe tank is well maintained.
19Padmanabha TirthamPadmanabha TempleThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramThe tank is well maintained.
20Varaha Ambala KulamLakshmi Varaha Murthy TempleThiruvananthapuramThiruvananthapuramThe tank is fairly well maintained.
21Kulpini Tirtham and Kuttan TirthamKoodalmanikam TempleIrinjalakudaThrissurKulpini Tirtham is well maintained while Kuttan Kulam is not maintained well.
22Padinjara ChiraVadakkunathan TempleThrissurThrissurThe tank is well maintained and the water quality is also good.
23Rudra TirthamGuruvayurappan TempleGuruvayurThrissurThe tank is well maintained by the temple authorities. The water quality is good, in spite of people using it for bathing and washing clothes. The presence of algae makes the water slightly coloured.
24Vatta KulamBhagavathi (Kannagi) TempleKodungallurThrissurThe tank is maintained by the temple authorities, who clean the tank every year. Lily plants are seen growing in it.

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