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Scientific NameGallus gallus
Common NameCock, Murga (Hindi), Seval (Tamil)
DistributionThroughout India

In religion and mythology

The cock is the emblem on Lord Murugan's battle flag ( seval kodi ). It symbolises eternity of time.

The bird is also associated with Goddess Kamakhya (Assam) . According to a popular legend, Narakasura was captivated by the beauty of Goddess Kamakhya and wanted to marry her. The goddess gave her consent to his offer on condition that in course of a single night he should construct a temple, a tank and a masonry road from the foot of the hill to the top. Naraka accepted the proposition and commenced the mighty task straightway. He almost completed the construction, when under the secret inspiration from the goddess a cock crowed before it was daybreak. The goddess claimed this as a proof that the day had come and refused to marry him. Naraka grew furious and slew the cock. The place where the cock was killed is still known as ‘Kukurakata Chaki'.

In many parts of India, tribal or folk deities are propitiated through cock sacrifice.

Lord Murugan with His seval kodi

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