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Langur Monkey

Scientific NameSemenopithecus entellus
Common NameIndian Langur / Northern Plain Grey Langur, Hanuman Langur (Hindi), Kurangu (Tamil), Vaanaraha (Sanskrit)
DistributionThroughout India
Conservation StatusLower Risk (LR)
Hanuman – the Hindu monkey God

In religion and mythology

Hindus revere the Hanuman langur as the living incarnation of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-God. He is a loyal devotee of Rama, an incarnations of Lord Vishnu. An army of monkeys or the vanara sena under the leadership of Hanuman was instrumental in the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama. Other notable vanaras who feature in the epic Ramayana are Sugriva , Vali and Angada .

The langurs often live in and around Hindu temples, where they are fed by devotees. The Jakhu Hanuman temple in Shimla is a famous example. It is often referred to as the ‘monkey temple' because of the countless monkeys it houses.

The vanara-sena fighting Ravana's army

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