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Altitude6727 m


The Hathi Parvat massif is a prominent peak in the Badrinath region, its summit rising 6727m above sea level. The name means "Elephant Mountain" - referring to its similarity to the figure of an elephant seen in profile. It is situated in Chamoli district, high up in Garhwal Himalayas, in Uttrakhand state.


Two huge rocks on a spur of Haathi Parvat are described as a crow (Kaaka) and an Eagle (Garuda). The locals believe that the crow is animatedly conversing with Garuda on the affairs of the universe. Another version has it that a learned Brahmin of Ayodhya once incurred the wrath of the sage Lomas who lived here and was changed into the form of crow by the sage. The summit assumes the religious significance because of the river Dhauliganga which flows nearby.






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