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Altitude3474 m


Neelakant is a major peak in Garhwal division of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand state. It towers over the valley of the Alaknanda River rising to a height of 3474m above the town of Badrinath. Satopanth glacier is situated to the northwest of Neelkant, about 2500m below the peak.   Panpatia glacier lies to the south-west and feeds the Khirao Ganga. To the west lies the Gangotri glacier. The Nanda Devi group of mountains is situated across the Alaknanda valley.

There is an ancient legend connected with this mountain. It is believed that there was no mountain on the spot where Nilkantha stands today. There was an adage route between Kedarnath and Badrinath. The "Purohita" or the worshiper of the two temples worshiped them in one day. This continued for a long time until due to some sins of the worshiper, Lord Shiva became displeased with him and stood blocking the way as a huge sky-kissing mountain, which is said to be modern Nilkantha.

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