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One of the highest places in the Western Ghats ranges and plateau of Wyanad , Oorakmala is a mountain in Oorakam village bordering Nediyiruppu and Kannamangalam villages. It is 12km from Malappuram town. There is a temple on the peak of the mountain which is reputed to be 2000 years old. The main attractions are the Thiruvarahanam Kunnu Sri Sankara Narayana Swami temple, the Jaina temple made of granite which is also said to be 2000 years old.


The legend has it that the temple was built by Tissur Oorakam Naduvil Madom Swamiyar. The etymology of the word Oorakumala can be traced back to the Tiruvonam day in Thulam which is the “idol day”. On account of this, the place came to be known as Thiruvonam Mala .During ancient times , this temple was as important as Sabarimala is today. After fasting, the devotees get darshan of  the deity by  climbing the lofty mountain. The festival of the temple falls on Thiruvanom day of Thulam month. 

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