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The Shathasringa parvat lies in Kolar district of Karnataka. In Kannada, Shathasringa Parvata means the 100 peaked mountain. It is famous for the Shiva temple situated on the hill top. It is reputed to be fed by a permanent spring called Antara Gange that comes from the mouth of Basava, the divine bull.  Antara Gange literally means “Ganga from the deep” in the Kannada language.  Though much water gushes out nobody knows the source of water or the place from where it originates. Be it summer or monsoon, water is seen gushing in all the seasons. Thousands converge here on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.


The place is also associated with legend of Lord Parasurama and his son Jamadagni. The killing of Kartaviryarjuna by Parasurama and the murder of Jamadagni by the sons of Kartaviryarjuna and the self immolation of Renuka are said to have taken place on this hill. The oath taken by Parasurama to whole Kshatriya race are said to have taken place on the hills. It is said that the Kolahala on the death of Kartaviryarjuna gave its name to the town that later become Kolar.






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