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LocationAndhra Pradesh
Altitude150 m


Pavuralakonda to be found approximately 24 kilometers from Visakhapatnam towards the west of Bhimli in the neighborhood of the famous Bheemunipatnam Beach is yet another excavation site that is aggrandized amongst the most prominent Buddhist Heritage Locales around this ‘City of Destiny’. Estimated to be dating back to the time span between 1st century BC and 2nd century AD, the vestiges of the erstwhile Buddhist settlements unburied here incorporate the Brahmilable inscriptions, pottery items, Chaityas, foundations of the Viharas, Votive Stupas and 16 huge rock-cut cisternas built for collecting and storing rainwater. The terrace land of the Pavuralakonda Hillock (also reckoned as the ‘Pigeon Hill’) covers the total area of 10 to 12 acres and this knoll measuring about 168 meters in its altitude gracefully overlooks the crescent coastlines and the gorgeous valleys of the Visakhapatnam Plateau. From the top of the Pavuralakonda impressive bird-eye views of the Visakhapatnam Beaches and the sequence of prominences those flank this ‘Pigeon Hill’ on its southwest and northwest side can be perceived.


Source: http://www.indiahotels.com/visakhapatnam/visakhapatnam-sightseeing.html

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