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Ecological Sacred Animals in News

Article TitleArticle SourceDateURL
A bird for a nation-Sacred AnimalThe Asian Age25-06-2010Click Here to View
Kendrapara villagers sacrifice 78 goats to appease deity The Pioneer 31-03-2010Click Here to View
Vultures sighted in Bihar after 2 decades The Times of India 26-03-2010Click Here to View
Tripura debates Maneka’s plea against animal sacrifice The Pioneer 15-03-2010Click Here to View
Holy Cow! It can be good to be cattle class World Shobhan Saxena TOI Blogs- Sacred AnimalThe Times of India13-03-2010Click Here to View
Revering animals isn’t enough, protect them tooDeccan chronicle07-03-2010Click Here to View
India always venerated animals Deccan chronicle24-02-2010Click Here to View
Cow slaughter ban bill passed in KarnatakaTimes of India01-02-2010Click Here to View
Activists demand law against animal sacrifice The Pioneer30-12-2009Click Here to View
HC issues showcause for animal sacrifice in Sulia The Pioneer23-12-2009Click Here to View
Animal activists’ stand on cattle slaughter flayed The Pioneer11-12-2009Click Here to View
Solar fencing spells trouble for elephantsThe Hindu17-11-2009Click Here to View
Elephant owners boycott ‘Gajadinam’ celebrations The Hindu 05-10-2009Click Here to View
Superstition prevents acceptance of ban on animal sacrifice The Pioneer 27-09-2009Click Here to View
Mela Patt symbolises cultural heritage of BhaderwahThe Tribune 28-08-2009Click Here to View
Jumbo march hits human wall The Tribune 26-08-2009Click Here to View
On Chaitra Purnima 58 goats, sheep sacrificeThe Pioneer11-05-2009Click Here to View
Sendra celebrated without animal sacrifice The Pioneer 05-05-2009Click Here to View
Jumbos unsettled by human settlementsThe Tribune 09-04-2009Click Here to View
Elephant at Aranmula temple dies, people allege cruelty The Hindu 09-02-2009Click Here to View
Buddhist funeral for storksThe Telegraph, Calcutta18-09-2008Click Here to View
Banyan collapses, 800 rare storks die The Telegraph, Calcutta17-09-2008Click Here to View
35 snakes get new lease of lifeThe Times of India08-08-2008Click Here to View
Save the snakesThe New Indian Express07-08-2008Click Here to View
Bangaloreans celebrating divinity of snakesThe Times of India07-08-2008Click Here to View
Nagapanchami celebrated Mangalorean.com06-08-2008Click Here to View
Sacred Space: Naga PanchamiThe Times of India06-08-2008Click Here to View
No charm for snake charmersDeccan Herald29-07-2008Click Here to View
Training for mahoutsThe New Indian Express22-07-2008Click Here to View
Six rehabilitation centres for elephants to come up The Hindu19-07-2008Click Here to View
God Ganesh goes overseasThe Economic Times19-07-2008Click Here to View
Elephant feeding performedThe New Indian Express17-07-2008Click Here to View
PETA pushes for Ban on jumbo ridesNDTV.com03-07-2008Click Here to View
Elephant diesThe New Indian Express23-06-2008Click Here to View
Simhachalam temple may reopen GoshalaThe New Indian Express16-05-2008Click Here to View
Subramanya temple elephant Indumathi diesMangalorean.com14-05-2008Click Here to View
Microchip implanted on temple elephantsSify.com07-05-2008Click Here to View
Rajasthan village celebrate cow-bull wedding in styleNewsPostIndia.com06-05-2008Click Here to View
2,000 goats sacrificed in temple festival The Times of India04-05-2008Click Here to View
Crazy work hours put jumbo stress on elephantsCNN-IBN25-04-2008Click Here to View
Elephant kills three in templeThe Hindu24-04-2008Click Here to View
Why elephants run amok in Kerela temples?CNN-IBN23-04-2008Click Here to View
Pooram's pachyderm parade a huge crowd pullerCNN-IBN15-04-2008Click Here to View
Devotees catch elephant's tail in a unique ritualDailyIndia.com08-04-2008Click Here to View
800 goats sacrificed at Rakhyakali templeThe New Indian Express07-04-2008Click Here to View
Animal sacrifice in Rakshyakali: Admn in a bindThe New Indian Express05-04-2008Click Here to View
Temple elephant goes frenzyChennai Online05-04-2008Click Here to View
Elephant calf's birthday celebratedThe New Indian Express03-04-2008Click Here to View
Laxmi: Waiting for some humanityMeri News.com01-04-2008Click Here to View
No Elephants to add charm on Thrissur PooramCNN-IBN27-03-2008Click Here to View
Tusker turns violent, gores elephantThe New Indian Express22-03-2008Click Here to View
In praise of the pachydermThe Hindu09-03-2008Click Here to View
Ashes of Shambu and Gangotri immersed in the Ganga "Enforce ban on cow Slaughter" - Ashok SinghalOrganiser09-03-2008Click Here to View
Kerala govt. direction on elephant rulesThe Hindu08-03-2008Click Here to View
Orissa villagers spend Rs. 2 lakhs to wed monkeysCNN-IBN25-02-2008Click Here to View
Elephant run amokThe New Indian Express25-02-2008Click Here to View
Now, a temple for dead elephantsHindustan Times14-02-2008Click Here to View
The 'sacred' bull faces slaughter againHindustan Times13-02-2008Click Here to View
Cow urine sale high on govt's agendaNDTV04-02-2008Click Here to View
AP's animal fest a la JallikattuThe New Indian Express17-01-2008Click Here to View
Jallikattu held amidst tight security at PalameduThe Hindu17-01-2008Click Here to View
State seeks modification to interim order on JallikattuThe Hindu14-01-2008Click Here to View
Temple gets new elephantsThe Hindu14-01-2008Click Here to View
Apex court prohibits JallikattuThe Hindu12-01-2008Click Here to View
The Sacred AnimalThe New Indian Express12-01-2008Click Here to View
Subrahmanya temple gets elephant calfThe New Indian Express31-12-2007Click Here to View
God's own goat worth 5 lakhs for sale on Bakr EidCNN-IBN21-12-2007Click Here to View
Indian 'elephant corridor' scheme BBC News19-12-2007Click Here to View
Temple elephant seizedThe Hindu18-12-2007Click Here to View
Tuskers steal show at VrischikotsavamThe New Indian Express12-12-2007Click Here to View
Himachal village celebrate centuries old Shanth Yajna festivalDailyIndia.com11-12-2007Click Here to View
Bengal tigers go missing from Sundarbans after cycloneSify.com08-12-2007Click Here to View
Ritual of a different kind in Orissa villageKalingaTimes07-12-2007Click Here to View
Cow as National Animal? Tirupati makes bovine connectCNN-IBN02-12-2007Click Here to View
Health card for tuskers mandatoryThe Hindu28-11-2007Click Here to View
Gajamela held in PalakkadThe New Indian Express26-11-2007Click Here to View
Orissa celebrates Boita Bandana UtsavKalingaTimes.com24-11-2007Click Here to View
Temple elephants salute legendary peerThe Hindu20-11-2007Click Here to View
Man marries dogDaily Times14-11-2007Click Here to View
TTD to host three-days seminar on cowThe New Indian Express12-11-2007Click Here to View
Monkeys rampage in Indian capitalAFP12-11-2007Click Here to View
Devotees in Gujarat allow cows and bulls to run over them in 'Gai Ghori' ritualTopNews.in 12-11-2007Click Here to View
Buffaloes' day outThe Hindu11-11-2007Click Here to View
Post Diwali, Bhopal cheers to buffalo fightTopNews11-11-2007Click Here to View
Rare birds sacrificed for prosperity lustThe Times of India11-11-2007Click Here to View
Deepavali ends on reverence paid to livestockManglorean Times10-11-2007Click Here to View
Orissa's Gaja-Lakshmi puja spreads 'save jumbos' messageDailyIndia.com28-10-2007Click Here to View
People found feeding monkeys in Delhi to be finedHindustan Times21-10-2007Click Here to View
Church and temple vow not to parade elephantsGulfnews.com21-10-2007Click Here to View
Temple maintenance grant hikedThe Hindu18-10-2007Click Here to View
Hi tech: Microchips in elephantsThe Economic Times11-10-2007Click Here to View
Devotees set to expose board officials The New Indian Express07-10-2007Click Here to View
Experts worried over fall in tiger population The Hindu03-10-2007Click Here to View
Ganesha has universal appealOrganiser, India24-09-2007Click Here to View
Gentle giant in stoneThe Telegraph21-09-2007Click Here to View
Court comes to the rescue of elephantThe Hindu03-09-2007Click Here to View
Sacred Space: Creatures Great & SmallThe Times of India01-09-2007Click Here to View
Bishnois guard wildlife with ferocityNDTV31-08-2007Click Here to View
Holy cows get passports to defeat rustlersTimes Online30-08-2007Click Here to View
Community that worships Chinkara upbeatHindustan Times30-08-2007Click Here to View
Vulture count falls by 40% in Gujarat Daily News & Analysis30-08-2007Click Here to View
Assam bans use of elephants for beggingThe Hindu30-08-2007Click Here to View
People throng Thrikkakara templeThe Hindu28-08-2007Click Here to View
Jumbo reserves:Orissa govt dumps planNDTV28-08-2007Click Here to View
Hyderabad scientists on a save blackbuck missionDaily News & Analysis25-08-2007Click Here to View
Two more 'sacred' animals to be slaughteredTimes Online22-08-2007Click Here to View
Nagara Panchami celebratedThe New Indian Express19-08-2007Click Here to View
Snakes worshipped on Nag PanchamiThe New Indian Express19-08-2007Click Here to View
22 snakes rescued on eve of NagapanachamiThe Hindu18-08-2007Click Here to View
Sacred Space: Nag PanchamiThe Times of India18-08-2007Click Here to View
Keeping tabs on elephants electronicallyThe Hindu18-08-2007Click Here to View
Elephant kills mahout in ThrissurNDTV16-08-2007Click Here to View
Pampered jumbos of Guruvayoor return to temple jobThe Hindu29-07-2007Click Here to View
'Sacred' bull Shambo slaughteredNDTV.com28-07-2007Click Here to View
Shambo monk aim to protect herdBBC News27-07-2007Click Here to View
Shambo is removed for slaughterBBC Newa26-07-2007Click Here to View
During monsoons, Kerala elephants get spoilt sillyCNN-IBN17-07-2007Click Here to View
Drop in tiger numbers: CensusNDTV.com23-05-2007Click Here to View
Sanctuary of temple elephantsDeccan Herald06-05-2007Click Here to View
Elephant Census in South India's forestsThe New Indian Express06-05-2007-
Wild elephants go on rampageThe Hindu05-05-2007Click Here to View
Sabarimala Master Plan approvedThe Hindu02-05-2007Click Here to View
Cow slaughter must be regulatedDeccan Herald30-04-2007Click Here to View
Six injured as elephants wreck havocNDTV27-04-2007Click Here to View
Caparisoned elephants, drummers captivate at Pooram festivalThe New Indian Express27-04-2007-
No consensus on vulture census, conservationDown to Earth25-04-2007Click Here to View
Law against cow slaughter soughtThe New Indian Express24-04-2007-
Surge of devotees at SimhachalamThe New Indian Express20-04-2007-
Village reverts to animal sacrificeThe New Indian Express17-04-2007-
Electronic tags for captive elephantsThe Hindu16-04-2007Click Here to View
Snakes lost in their ownSahara Samay16-04-2007Click Here to View
Chamundi hills, Mysore palace set to be developedThe New Indian Express15-04-2007-
Project to protect elephants launchedChennai Online12-04-2007Click Here to View
Court nod for elephant paradingThe Hindu12-04-2007Click Here to View
HC turns elephant friendlyChennai Online11-04-2007Click Here to View
Kerala to enforce elephants management rulesNDTV11-04-2007Click Here to View
Preventing landslides on Tirumala HillsThe New Indian Express10-04-2007-
Elephants fury at temple fest in ThrissurNDTV10-04-2007Click Here to View
Annamalayar temple elephant sickThe New Indian Express10-04-2007-
Wild elephant census in North Bengal this monthThe Hindu07-04-2007Click Here to View
250 animals sacrificed in Kendrapada templeThe Times of India02-04-2007Click Here to View
Meenakshi temple elephant deadThe Hindu01-04-2007Click Here to View
Call for better deal for elephantsChennai Online31-03-2007Click Here to View
All-out efforts to save temple elephantThe Hindu29-03-2007Click Here to View
Flaws in elephant management exposedThe Hindu17-02-2007Click Here to View
Elephant runs amokThe Hindu15-02-2007Click Here to View
Animal sacrifice: action sought against officialsThe Hindu13-02-2007Click Here to View
In the hamlets, with the elephantsThe Hindu09-02-2007Click Here to View
Experts seek end to ill treatment of elephantsThe Hindu07-02-2007Click Here to View
New focus on elephants during PongalDeccan Chronicle18-01-2007-
High court bans slaughter of camelsThe Hindu29-12-2006Click Here to View
Orissa woman marries snakeThe Times of India19-12-2006Click Here to View
Temple elephant treated for abscessThe Hindu17-11-2006Click Here to View
Procession all grace and majestyThe Hindu10-11-2006Click Here to View
Parsis split over disposal of deadBBC News30-10-2006Click Here to View
Thousands worship snake-godThe Hindu27-10-2006Click Here to View
Diwali spells doom for owls and white batsThe Tribune20-10-2006Click Here to View
Crow idols appear in midst of declining bird populationZee News16-10-2006Click Here to View
Delhi monkey face forest futureBBC News11-10-2006Click Here to View
Punnathur Kota: World's only temple owned elephant homeOrganiser, India30-09-2006Click Here to View
Tiruchendur temple gets two new elephantsThe Hindu26-09-2006Click Here to View
Lord's jumbos good for selective breeding :studyThe New Indian Express23-09-2006-
Peacock park for TirupparankundramThe Hindu03-09-2006Click Here to View
Srisailam temple elephant to bow outThe Hindu31-08-2006Click Here to View
A crocodile revered by devoteesChennai online.com30-08-2006Click Here to View
Dwindling birds: Peacocks face extinctionNDTV27-08-2006Click Here to View
Jumbo tourism:Guruvayur temple woo visitorsNDTV03-08-2006Click Here to View
Nag PanchamiCentral Chronicle01-08-2006Click Here to View
Rare Black Cobra spotted on Nag PanchamiDaijiworld.com30-07-2006Click Here to View
Naga Panchami celebrated with fervour in DKDaijiworld.com30-07-2006Click Here to View
Don't be charmed by snake-charmers!The Hindu29-07-2006Click Here to View
Peacock census reveals disturbing trendsNDTV18-04-2006Click Here to View
Overuse of pesticides increases mortality rate of peacockThe Tribune13-04-2006Click Here to View
Five peacock die; Ujjain villages tenseThe Pioneer04-04-2006-
Tiger carcass burnt without supervision of top zoo officials The Hindu04-04-2006-
Sensitising villagers towards wildlifeTribune31-03-2006Click Here to View
Vultures in trouble as Centre dithers on drug banThe Indian Express06-03-2006Click Here to View
Vultures dying faster than dodoThe Pioneer06-03-2006-
Elephants being tortured, killed for ivory, moneyThe Pioneer03-03-2006-
Tusker donated to temple left in tormentThe Pioneer24-02-2006-
Bishnois can die to save black bucksThe Times of India23-02-2006-
Twist in the langur taleThe Hindu05-02-2006Click Here to View
The conch that's extra-specialThe Hindu23-01-2006Click Here to View
Animal kingdom in serious perilThe Pioneer18-01-2006-
An animal sport loved by villagersThe Hindu17-01-2006Click Here to View
Appeal against cow slaughterThe Hindu09-01-2006Click Here to View
Salim releases 375 snakesCentral Chronicle02-01-2006-
Jambavantha temple sought in SC coloniesThe Hindu01-01-2006Click Here to View
Here, watch Krishna lifting an edible Govardhan HillDaily News & Analysis, India04-11-2005Click Here to View
Diwali spells doom for owls in LudhianaThe Tribune29-10-2005Click Here to View
SC upholds ban on slaughter of bulls, bullocksThe Times of India26-10-2005Click Here to View
A village with 2000 greensThe Hindu16-09-2005Click Here to View
Sacred elephants face slow death in India for lack of workDaily Times25-08-2005Click Here to View
Using elephants for beggingThe Hindu10-08-2005Click Here to View
Oh Deer !The Tribune18-06-2005Click Here to View
Rare Vishnu sculpture found at ThiruvidanthaiThe Hindu31-05-2005Click Here to View
Id celebrated with religious fervour and gaietyThe Hindu22-01-2005Click Here to View
Man, Goddess and monocled cobraFrontline23-10-2004Click Here to View
Rare Varahi sculpture recoveredThe Hindu24-09-2004Click Here to View
Rats rule at Indian TempleNational Geographic (online)29-06-2004Click Here to View
Peacock in PerilThe Tribune02-05-2004Click Here to View
Living Gods in living hellDeccan Herald18-04-2004Click Here to View
The Truth about the TodasFrontline12-03-2004Click Here to View
The legend of the NagasDeccan Herald13-01-2004Click Here to View
Glorifying the chivalry of JatayuThe Hindu17-10-2003Click Here to View
A decree on animal sacrificeFrontline10-10-2003Click Here to View
Simhachalam temple - magnificient architecture and sculptureThe Hindu19-09-2003Click Here to View
Donkey wedding staged to bring rainBBC News17-06-2003Click Here to View
This village has as many peacocks as peopleThe Indian Express02-06-2003Click Here to View
The snake and the bullThe Hindu13-01-2003Click Here to View
It's a crow's dayThe Hindu26-07-2001Click Here to View
Shell-shockedThe New Indian Express00-00-0000Click Here to View

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