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Ecological Sacred Rivers in News

Article TitleArticle SourceDateURL
Don’t let the Ganga die The Pioneer19-03-2010Click Here to View
Sadhus, religious ascetics arrive im Haridwar to bathe in Ganga The Pioneer 14-02-2010Click Here to View
Sacred river festival held at MaheswarThe Pioneer10-02-2010Click Here to View
Report shows Yamuna’s dirty faceThe Times of India02-02-2010Click Here to View
Come for a dip in the GangaThe Times of India30-01-2010Click Here to View
Kumbha mela – A drop of immortatilityIndian Express01-01-2010Click Here to View
Mission clean Ganga may fill GAP The Pioneer 30-12-2009Click Here to View
Captive GangaFrontline03-03-2009Click Here to View
Ganges River history, future to be explored in talkSkidmore College News29-09-2008Click Here to View
Thousand of devotees take holy dip in Kshipra riverCentral Chronicle29-09-2008Click Here to View
Rising Yamuna good for Taj MahalThe Times of India27-09-2008Click Here to View
PM assures national heritage status for GangaThe Economic Times22-09-2008Click Here to View
Save the river GangaThe Times of India22-09-2008Click Here to View
Flood in Mahanadi wreaks havoc in OrissaNDTV.com20-09-2008Click Here to View
21st Century Indians may waste water, their ancestors did notThe Hindu20-09-2008Click Here to View
Rally to protest Ganga pollutionDaily News & Analysis19-09-2008Click Here to View
Save Ganges campaign in VaransiThe Economic Times18-09-2008Click Here to View
Hindus pray for salvation of their ancestorsNewstrack India15-09-2008Click Here to View
Kerala to explore feasibility of rubber dam across PampaThe Economic Times14-09-2008Click Here to View
And quietly flows the GangaDeccan Herald14-09-2008Click Here to View
'Worship water, don't pollute it'The Times of India14-09-2008Click Here to View
Kashmiri Pandits celebrateVeth TruvahaMeri News.com13-09-2008Click Here to View
At Yamuna, a plan to tap rainwater, restore its ecosystemIndian Express12-09-2008Click Here to View
Take Yamuna cleaning on priority basisThe Times of India11-09-2008Click Here to View
Barricade along Yamuna no deterrent for people tossing wasteIndian Express08-09-2008Click Here to View
6 pilgrims die during Manimahesh yatraIndian Express08-09-2008Click Here to View
Tripura's Rudrasagar lake to be conservedThaiIndian News08-09-2008Click Here to View
Health card check for pilgrims mootedThe Times of India28-08-2008Click Here to View
Yamuna may be Kosi in makingThe Times of India28-08-2008Click Here to View
Dolphins number in Brahmaputra increasesThe Times of India19-08-2008Click Here to View
Devotees take holy dip to ward off negative effects of lunar eclipseThe New Indian Express17-08-2008Click Here to View
250 religious heads flag off save Ganga campaign in DelhiThe Times of India17-08-2008Click Here to View
Rs 24-cr plan to revamp the ghats of Ganga, promote river tourismThe Indian Express12-08-2008Click Here to View
An aquatic treat on thebanks of ChambalThe Hindu10-08-2008Click Here to View
Dance festival celebrates rivers of IndiaDeccan Herald06-08-2008Click Here to View
Thousands take part in 'Adi Perukku' festivalThe Hindu04-08-2008Click Here to View
Morphological studies of 6 flood prone rivers taken up by CWCPress Information Bureau04-08-2008Click Here to View
Thousands offer bali on KarkidakavavuThe New Indian Express02-08-2008Click Here to View
A swelling Gomti leaves many areas inundatedThe Times if India31-07-2008Click Here to View
Rare partial solar eclipse in India tomorrow afternoonThe Hindu31-07-2008Click Here to View
The story of Bhisma; Son of GangaMerinews.com26-07-2008Click Here to View
Revamped strategy for RiverConservation under the National River Conservation DirectoratePress Information Bureau24-07-2008Click Here to View
Mining banned in MathuraThe Economic Times24-07-2008Click Here to View
Increasing pollution in Yamuna raising concernThe Times of India21-07-2008Click Here to View
Hirakund water released in MahanadiThe Statesman20-07-2008-
The Ganga's Last RoarTehelka.com19-07-2008Click Here to View
LDA plans to beautify GomtiThe Indian Express14-07-2008Click Here to View
On the 'death' of the YamunaThe Indian Express14-07-2008Click Here to View
Thousands take holy-dip in GodavariThe Hindu14-07-2008Click Here to View
Allahabad put on high alert with rising water levelsThe Indian Express07-07-2008Click Here to View
Amma Mandapam gets a new lookThe Hindu07-07-2008Click Here to View
Tungabhadra pushkaramsThe New Indian Express04-07-2008Click Here to View
Jhelum beautification in isolation won't helpKashmir Observer03-07-2008Click Here to View
River Gomti to get a faceliftThe Times of India02-07-2008Click Here to View
Battling for the GangaThe Times of India29-06-2008Click Here to View
Gomti finds a Saviour in state governemntThe Times of India29-06-2008Click Here to View
People's initiative to save Ganges welcome: Form National Ganga Authority Central Chronicle25-06-2008Click Here to View
Govt looks at Yamuna bed to tap more water for cityThe Indian Express26-05-2008Click Here to View
Pamba Action Plan for pollution abatementPress Information Bureau15-05-2008Click Here to View
Finding SaraswatiDaly News and Analysis15-05-2008Click Here to View
In silence I imbibe, in silence I will die: GangaMeriNews.com13-05-2008Click Here to View
Falling Ganga set alarm bells ringingThe Hindu11-05-2008Click Here to View
Chambal Pollution to be containedThe Times of India09-05-2008Click Here to View
Devotees take a holy dip in the Ganges on 'Akshaya Tritiya' in AllahabadThaindian News07-05-2008Click Here to View
Devotees take holy dip in YamunaThe Hindu05-05-2008Click Here to View
Ghariyal nests in Chambal rekindle hopesThe Times of India05-05-2008Click Here to View
Beautified Jhelum attracts tourists to KashmirThe Economic Times01-05-2008Click Here to View
Receding of gangotri glacier natural:GovtThe Times of India29-04-2008Click Here to View
'Save Ganga' appeal in Lok SabhaThe Times of India28-04-2008Click Here to View
Haryana Government to renovate Saraswati RiverZee News.com27-04-2008Click Here to View
Committe for Narmada Parikrama pathCentral Chronicle22-04-2008Click Here to View
Lakhs witness Azhagar's entry into VaigaiThe Hindu20-04-2008Click Here to View
Google Earth shows dried up BhagirathiHowrah News Service17-04-2008Click Here to View
Nation observes Ram NavamiDailyIndia.com14-04-2008Click Here to View
Who's killing our dolphins?The New Indian Express13-04-2008Click Here to View
Saraswati is now a river oficiallyThe Times of India09-04-2008Click Here to View
Ayodhya police gear up to stop 'Jal Samadhi'The Indian Express06-04-2008Click Here to View
Baruni Mela: Devotees take holy dipThe New Indian Express04-04-2008Click Here to View
Uttarakhand to restrict tourist flow to Gangotri glacierThe Hindu30-03-2008Click Here to View
Toss a coin into Chambal River to reach GodDailyIndia.com26-03-2008Click Here to View
Haridwar disappoints Holi pilgrimsThe Statesman25-03-2008Click Here to View
Delhi biggest contributor to pollution of YamunaThe Hindu20-03-2008Click Here to View
Blasting operations on Indrakeeladri cause 'tremors' in KrishnaThe New Indian Express20-03-2008Click Here to View
The magnetic Magh MelaThe Economic Times20-03-2008Click Here to View
In the name of GodIndia Today14-03-2008Click Here to View
River Ganga becoming reservoir of E.ColiPress Information Bureau13-03-2008Click Here to View
Rs. 8 billion spent, but Ganga and Yamuna still dirtyThe Times of India12-03-2008Click Here to View
Yamuna, the aquatic graveThe Times of India06-03-2008Click Here to View
Harathi to Godavari from UgadiThe New Indian Express21-01-2008Click Here to View
Think of lifeline Narmada: Develop pilgrim sitesCentral Chronicle17-01-2008Click Here to View
Killer disease wipes out gharialsCNN-IBN16-01-2008Click Here to View
Ganga Sagar mela endsThe Indian Express15-01-2008Click Here to View
Lakhs take holy dip, offer prayers on Makar SankrantiThe Times of India15-01-2008Click Here to View
Devotees throng Magh MelaNDTV.com14-01-2008Click Here to View
Pilgrims take holy dip at Ganga SagarThe Hindu12-01-2008Click Here to View
Mystery epidemic puts gharial on the brinkCNN-IBN10-01-2008Click Here to View
Delhi's dying lifelineCNN03-01-2008Click Here to View
Crores for Ganga clean-up projectThe Times of India26-12-2007Click Here to View
Time to actDeccan Herald18-12-2007Click Here to View
What an unholy messThe Hindustan Times17-12-2007Click Here to View
Waste disposal mechanism inadequateThe New Indian Express16-12-2007Click Here to View
Mass death of rare crocs in IndiaBBC14-12-2007Click Here to View
Order to maintain water level in Pampa high court round-upThe Hindu13-12-2007Click Here to View
Once there was a riverOutlook.india11-12-2007Click Here to View
Cauvery river turns toxin dump yardNDTV.com08-12-2007Click Here to View
Plan to cleanse all major riversPress Information Bureau06-12-2007Click Here to View
SC: Don't release more funds for Ganga cleanupThe Times of India05-12-2007Click Here to View
Thousands of migratory birds in VaranasiDailyIndia.com05-12-2007Click Here to View
Rs.761 cr spent, but Ganga no cleanerThe Hindustan Times05-12-2007Click Here to View
Low water level troubles pilgrimsThe New Indian Express04-12-2007Click Here to View
Steps soon to check pollution in PampaThe New Indian Express02-12-2007Click Here to View
Water experts suggest ways to preserve the YamunaThe Hindu28-11-2007Click Here to View
One country, 3271 rivers...and an encyclopedia that maps it allThe Indian Express21-11-2007Click Here to View
And filthy flows the YamunaThe Tribune17-11-2007Click Here to View
Sacred Cauvery is a toxic river:StudySify News16-11-2007Click Here to View
Banks of River Jhelum fast turning inot dumping groundGreaterKashmirom15-11-2007Click Here to View
Devotees observe 'nahai-khai'The Times of India15-11-2007Click Here to View
Ammonia high in YamunaThe Tribune15-11-2007Click Here to View
Bhadradri gearing up for Mukkoti EkadasiNew Indian Express13-11-2007Click Here to View
Chemical waste in Yamuna causes death of fishDailyIndia.com08-11-2007Click Here to View
Govt. aims to stop sewage flow into rivers by 2011-12The Times of India05-11-2007Click Here to View
Hindus take holy dip in River Yamuna on EkadashiDailyIndia.com05-11-2007Click Here to View
Hindus take holy dip in River Yamuna on Ekadashi DailyIndia.com04-11-2007Click Here to View
Don't choke Yamuna with religious 'samagri': expertsThe Hindu23-10-2007Click Here to View
Idol immersion threatens rare river dolphins, all other lifeEarthtimes, UK23-10-2007Click Here to View
Grandeur marks 'Teppotsavam'The New Indian Express22-10-2007Click Here to View
Durga Idol Imersion: Yamuna set for another Toxic InvasionNewsPost20-10-2007Click Here to View
A dip in the  Ganges mystiqueThe Hindu19-10-2007Click Here to View
Goddess or sewage?Business Standard19-10-2007Click Here to View
Ganga recuperates, breathes easyHindustan Times18-10-2007Click Here to View
Thousands to visit Talacauvery during 'Teertodbhava'Deccan Herald17-10-2007Click Here to View
Work to spruce up Ganga ghats onThe Times of India07-10-2007Click Here to View
Hindus pray for salvation of their ancestors in AllahabadNew Kerala.com26-09-2007Click Here to View
Vitasta: River that has its birthday celebrated in KashmirThe Hindu25-09-2007Click Here to View
Cremation at Ganga : A grim situationMeri News.com23-09-2007Click Here to View
Over 5 lakh devotees undertake arduous Manimahesh pilgrimageNewKerala.com21-09-2007Click Here to View
A shot in arm for 'Save Yamuna' driveThe Hindu19-09-2007Click Here to View
Tungabhadra water unfit for human consumptionThe New Indian Express18-09-2007Click Here to View
National Policy for protection of riversPress Information Bureau13-09-2007Click Here to View
Hindus in Allahabad take dip to ward off solar eclipse 'evil'Daily India.com11-09-2007Click Here to View
'Bees Bhandon' holy dip holds special significance for Kullu residentsDaily India.com07-09-2007Click Here to View
History repeats itself on YamunaThe Hindu05-09-2007Click Here to View
No threat to River Ganga due to receding glaciersThe Times of India23-08-2007Click Here to View
Ganga changing its course at AllahabadPress Information Bureau16-08-2007Click Here to View
Encroachment stealing Yamuna's sheen in VridavanDaily India.com12-08-2007Click Here to View
Over one lakh pilgrims takes holy dip on Adi AmavasyaThe Hindu12-08-2007Click Here to View
Aadi Perukku celebratedThe New Indian Express04-08-2007Click Here to View
Thanksgiving ceremony to the CauveryThe Hindu04-08-2007Click Here to View
Effluents still being discharged into CauveryThe Hindu04-08-2007Click Here to View
Saffron dipThe Times of India03-08-2007Click Here to View
Alarming rise of rivers Ganga, Yamuna in UttarakhandThe Hindu03-08-2007Click Here to View
One-lakh Kanwarias converge in HaridwarThe Hindu03-08-2007Click Here to View
Ganges dolphins struggling for existenceThe Hindustan Times23-07-2007Click Here to View
Swirling Mahanadi waters eating away coastal villageThe New Indian Express18-07-2007Click Here to View
UPPCB issues notices to units polluting GomtiThe Indian Express17-07-2007Click Here to View
Fishing for trouble?Deccan Herald17-07-2007Click Here to View
Large number of fishes die in Shipra RiverCentral Chronicle06-07-2007Click Here to View
Gharials fighting for survival in MahanadiThe New Indian Express26-06-2007Click Here to View
Lakhs of devotees flock to Hardwar on Ganga DussheraNew Kerala.com25-06-2007Click Here to View
The Once Grand Yamuna Riverfront is now a wastelandNewsPost, India30-05-2007Click Here to View
Here Ganga lands on earth from HeavensGujarat Global.com28-05-2007Click Here to View
Satyagrah Yatra for revival of Yamuna reaches the CapitalThe Hindu26-05-2007Click Here to View
Holy Lake of North Sikkim mesmerises touristsThe Sikkim Times22-05-2007Click Here to View
Holy Lake mesmerises tourists in SikkimThe Statesman22-05-2007Click Here to View
Ganges river dolphins continue to die in IndiaNew Kerala.com21-05-2007Click Here to View
A river gasps for lifeThe Tribune Spectrum20-05-2007Click Here to View
Need for public action to save YamunaThe Hindu19-05-2007Click Here to View
On a mission to reclaim the YamunaThe Hindu07-05-2007Click Here to View
50% water in Naramada river:DaveCentral Chronicle06-05-2007Click Here to View
MP's Narmada Tax: Re.1 for a holy dipThe Indian Express06-05-2007Click Here to View
Over one lakh devotees witness Kallazhagar's entry into VaigaiThe Hindu03-05-2007Click Here to View
Ganga's water quality showaimprovement: GovtThe Hindu30-04-2007Click Here to View
Depleting Water Level of Yamuna RiverPress Information Bureau, India30-04-2007Click Here to View
Apex court expresses concern over big spending on Ganga Action PlanThe Hindu25-04-2007Click Here to View
Govt sanctions Rs.50 Lakhs for water project survey (River Tungabhadra)The New Indian Express24-04-2007-
Focus on reviving YamunaThe Hindu23-04-2007Click Here to View
Scientists to study Ganga Dolphins' behaviourDaily News & Analysis, India20-04-2007Click Here to View
Despite spending crores, Yamuna still runs dirtyThe Hindu19-04-2007Click Here to View
Water management in poor stateThe New Indian Express17-04-2007-
Delhi is major contributor of pollution in YamunaThe Hindu16-04-2007Click Here to View
Hindu priests to boycott U.P. pollsDaily India.com11-04-2007Click Here to View
Supreme Court to monitor cleaning of Yamuna, sets up commiteeDaily News & Analysis04-04-2007Click Here to View
River mythologies tell a different storyThe Times of India22-03-2007Click Here to View
Ganga among 10 dying riversThe Times of India20-03-2007Click Here to View
Thousands take holy dip in GangaThe Hindu20-03-2007Click Here to View
'Ganga Mela' organisedHindustan Time10-03-2007Click Here to View
Action ordered against 27 polluting industries along GangaHindustan Time10-03-2007Click Here to View
Sadhus give ultimatum over pollution in River GangaZee News23-02-2007Click Here to View
Lakhs take holy dip in river KrishnaThe Hindu17-02-2007Click Here to View
A million devotees take a dip in India's holy Ganges at the end of Hindu festivalUSA Today16-02-2007Click Here to View
25 lakh take dip on Maghi PurnimaHindustan Times03-02-2007Click Here to View
Devotees throng Mandi, Riwalsar LakeThe Tribune29-01-2007Click Here to View
Devotees take holy dip in sea off RameswaramThe Hindu19-01-2007Click Here to View
Pilgrims take holy dip in GangaThe Hindu15-01-2007Click Here to View
U.P. Govt. orders closure of tanneries in Kanpur, UnnaoThe Hindu06-01-2007Click Here to View
Lakhs flock to Ardh KumbhThe Hindu04-01-2007Click Here to View
Set for the holy dip in AllahabadCNN-IBN02-01-2007Click Here to View
The Gangotri glacier is shrinkingCNN-IBN20-11-2006Click Here to View
Dolphin die as the Ganga chokesCNN-IBN19-11-2006Click Here to View
No moksha for Ganga at VaranasiCNN-IBN18-11-2006Click Here to View
Ganga Action Plan is full of gapsCNN-IBN16-11-2006Click Here to View
Lakhs take holy dip in Ganga, SaryuHindustan Times05-11-2006Click Here to View
Devotees take holy dip in Pushkar Sarovar on Kartik PurnimaZee News05-11-2006Click Here to View
A dirty Ganges deters Chhath devoteesCritics.com, UK29-10-2006Click Here to View
Thousands take dip in Yamuna on ChhathThe Hindu28-10-2006Click Here to View
A Ganga clean-up story: From floating bodies to fishing 'em outLucknow Newsline27-10-2006Click Here to View
Haryana to release water into Yamuna for Chhat PoojaZee News26-10-2006Click Here to View
A dirty Ganga deters Chhath devoteesIndia News26-10-2006Click Here to View
Idol immersion continues in Yamuna despite HC orderDelhi Newsline07-10-2006Click Here to View
Cleaning Kali Bein: Govt to act as support systemThe Tribune28-08-2006Click Here to View
River Yamuna will get back its original quality of waterPress information Bureau22-08-2006Click Here to View
Use religious places to reform people:KalamThe Tribune17-08-2006Click Here to View
Villages pollute Bein as there's no alternativeChandigarh Newsline15-08-2006Click Here to View
Goddess Cauvery worshippedChennai Online04-08-2006Click Here to View
Thousands take dip in CauveryThe Hindu03-08-2006Click Here to View
Devotees throng Cauvery banks for Adi Amavasai dipThe New Indian Express25-07-2006-
Ganga cleaner than beforeZeenews.com17-07-2006Click Here to View
A new begining for Budha Pushkar lakeThe Hindu17-06-2006Click Here to View
Contamination of Tungabhadra, a cause of concern in HariharThe Hindu05-05-2006Click Here to View
Quiet flows the Kali Bein, againThe Hindu24-04-2006Click Here to View
Dyeing units continue to pollute CauveryThe Hindu04-04-2006Click Here to View
Japanese team arrives to study Gangetic DolphinThe Pioneer04-04-2006-
Unquiet and dirty flows the GangaThe Hindu08-03-2006Click Here to View
Yamuna water unfit for drinking even after treatment: ReportThe Tribune27-02-2006Click Here to View
Study indicates Saraswati channel aquiferThe Tribune31-01-2006Click Here to View
U.P. blames Uttaranchal for polluting GangaThe Hindu23-01-2006Click Here to View
UP wildlife authorities wake up to vanishing gharialsThe Pioneer23-01-2006-
Sand mining cripples river Nila in ThiruvilwamalaiThe Pioneer30-12-2005-
Strong Himalayan quake could affect rivers: StudyThe Hindustan Times18-10-2005-
Celebrating the CauveryThe Hindu30-09-2005Click Here to View
'Cauvery Pushkaram' at SrirangamThe Hindu26-09-2005Click Here to View
Religious fervour marks this river's birthdayThe Hindu16-09-2005Click Here to View
Quiet flows the CauveryDeccan Herald28-07-2005Click Here to View
Ganga glacier may melt by end of the centuryThe Hindu05-07-2005Click Here to View
A mighty river cries for helpThe Hindu25-02-2005Click Here to View
Call of the divineThe Tribune19-09-2004Click Here to View
A surge of devotion at confluence pointThe Hindu04-09-2004Click Here to View
The cooum associated with sanctityThe Hindu20-08-2004Click Here to View
Defiling of Tungabhadra continues in HariharDeccan Herald18-07-2004Click Here to View
River Krishna regains all its lost gloryDeccan Herald25-06-2004Click Here to View
The Kumbh effect on water resourcesThe Hindu29-04-2004Click Here to View
Time for Kumbh MelaThe Hindu05-03-2004Click Here to View
River dolphins gasp for lifeThe Hindu06-09-2003Click Here to View
Gomti is almost deadDown to Earth31-08-2003Click Here to View
River Yatra launchedThe Times of India16-07-2003Click Here to View
Killing the GangaInternet27-04-2003Click Here to View
Rivers of discontentThe Hindu30-11-2002Click Here to View
The river that can win a thousand OscarsThe Tribune15-12-2001Click Here to View
River Ganga losing its purityThe Pioneer16-05-0200-

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