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Ecological Sacred Plants in News

Article TitleArticle SourceDateURL
A tree as old as the hills The Times of India 25-03-2010Click Here to View
Tulsi:symbol of chaste devotion Deccan Chronicle 08-11-2009Click Here to View
Rediscover the magic of ‘tulsi’The Times of India06-11-2009Click Here to View
Kartik magic:Lord Vishnu weds Tulsi Devi today The Times of India29-10-2009Click Here to View
Peepal tree to be Bihar tourism’s new logo The Times of India08-10-2009Click Here to View
Milk-like fluid oozing from neem tree shocks residents The Times of India30-08-2009Click Here to View
Felling peepal tree was bad omen; led to Metro tragedyThe Pioneer20-07-2009Click Here to View
Vat-Pournima: Worship of the banyan tree The Times of India07-06-2009Click Here to View
No count of banyan trees in the city The Times of India 04-05-2009Click Here to View
Banyan tree holds hope for diabeticsThe Times of India 09-03-2009Click Here to View
Marriage of banyan, peepal solemnized to save nature The Pioneer13-02-2009Click Here to View
Pvt. Builder cuts 105 year old peepal tree, residents protestThe Pioneer19-01-2009Click Here to View
Bid to monitor health of Bodhi treeThe Times of India 16-12-2008Click Here to View
Monks support efforts to conserve holi Bodhi tree at Bodh GayaDailyIndia.com08-05-2008Click Here to View
Scientists to clone Bodhi tree The Times of India08-04-2008Click Here to View
Madurai to have a garden of 'tree of life'The Hindu04-04-2008Click Here to View
The mystic neem tree: Myth and factsMeriNews.com03-04-2008Click Here to View
Tree of nobilityThe Hindu21-01-2008Click Here to View
World Neem conference from Nov 21The Hindu19-11-2007Click Here to View
Report on Bodhi tree troubles MTMCThe Times of India29-10-2007Click Here to View
Asia's spirit-infested treesReuters, UK24-09-2007Click Here to View
Tree get a rakhi hug..The New Indian Express30-08-2007Click Here to View
'Lord of Wealth' helps increase businessNDTV07-08-2007Click Here to View
Unique shape of Puri's presiding deityNDTV.com16-07-2007Click Here to View
Bamboo plantation to bail out farmersThe Times of India15-07-2007Click Here to View
Forest institute to look after the Bodhi tree in GayaThe Times of India28-06-2007Click Here to View
FIR filed against 'damage' to Bodhi treeThe Hindu24-06-2007Click Here to View
Tree weds tree in Orissa villageIBN Live16-05-2007Click Here to View
Mystery blues for Bodhi treeThe Telegraph08-05-2007Click Here to View
The tree of life and death - the cypressTurkish Daily News28-04-2007Click Here to View
Trees and their linkage with Sikhism: an exhibitionNew Kerala.com27-04-2007Click Here to View
Indian neem has great potentialThe Hindu25-04-2007Click Here to View
Healthful treeThe Hindu22-03-2007Click Here to View
The tree storyThe Hindu18-01-2007Click Here to View
'Bael pulp, nutmeg could cure diarrhoea'The Hindustan Times22-11-2006Click Here to View
Sacred treesThe Hindu03-11-2006Click Here to View
Take care of saplingsCentral Chronicle14-10-2006Click Here to View
This rakhi, tree turns brotherThe Hindustan Times09-08-2006Click Here to View
Bodhi tree probe orderedNDTV21-07-2006Click Here to View
Bodhi tree branch cut?The Times of India21-07-2006Click Here to View
Tangy purple berryThe Hindu08-07-2006Click Here to View
Deep purpleThe New Indian Express05-05-2006Click Here to View
Forest in the making for Lord Jagannath'sThe Pioneer28-02-2006-
Innovative effort to make Chennai greenerThe Hindu15-02-2006Click Here to View
Fact and fallacy about the Asoka treeThe Hindu26-11-2005Click Here to View
Ashoka banishes sorrowThe Hindu19-09-2005Click Here to View
A quaint little villageDeccan Herald18-08-2005Click Here to View
Indians 'marry' sacred trees to ward off evil eyeYahoo! India News18-05-2005Click Here to View
All in a gooseberryThe New Indian Express16-12-2004Click Here to View
The great 'tree' of human lifeDeccan Herald06-06-2004Click Here to View
Fragrance...on the groundThe Hindu19-01-2003Click Here to View
Green goldThe Hindu10-10-2002Click Here to View
The wonders of the 'wonder tree'The Tribune28-09-2002Click Here to View
Tropical bloomThe Hindu25-08-2002Click Here to View
A mystic journeyThe Hindu07-07-2002Click Here to View
The doctor in your frontyardThe Hindu27-06-2002Click Here to View
'Ketaki'- a cursed but useful flowerThe Tribune01-04-2002Click Here to View
Trees with spiritual attributesThe Tribune21-10-2001Click Here to View

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