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Ecological Sacred Groves & Gardens in News

Article TitleArticle SourceDateURL
Sapling of sacred tree from Anuradhapur ''fading''www.webindia123.com29-06-2010Click Here to View
Why forests were worshippedThe Times of India17-06-2010Click Here to View
Sacred groves in TN under threatThe Times of India16-06-2010Click Here to View
Sacred groves in Meghalaya act to conserve plant diversityThe Gaea Times14-05-2010Click Here to View
Effort to protect Sacred grovesDeccan Herald10-05-2010Click Here to View
Kerala to Protect Sacred GrovesOutlookindia.com10-05-2010Click Here to View
28 Sacred Groves to be protectedZee news21-04-2010Click Here to View
The sacred groves of Kerala to be protected by the Forest DeptKarmakerala.com17-04-2010Click Here to View
Land of sacred anthillsSharonstjoan.wordpress.com11-04-2010Click Here to View
Land of sacred anthillswordpress.com11-04-2010Click Here to View
Nenmeli Where the trees are happywordpress.com03-04-2010Click Here to View
India: Tamil Nadu: Nenmeli: Where the trees are happy bestfriends.org03-04-2010Click Here to View
India: Tamil Nadu: A sacred anthill, with a cobra bestfriends.org22-03-2010Click Here to View
Farming wonders of the worldDeccan chronicle03-03-2010Click Here to View
Committed to a green cause The Hindu12-12-2009Click Here to View
Conservation project for sacred groves faces delayThe Hindu04-12-2009Click Here to View
As faith ebbs, sacred groves fear axeThe Tribune28-09-2009Click Here to View
Plan to conserve sacred grovesThe Hindu11-09-2009Click Here to View
Sacred BiodiversityBusiness line14-08-2009Click Here to View
ST plays a vital role in conserving natureTimes of India19-07-2009Click Here to View
Meadows under siege The Tribune 26-06-2009Click Here to View
Project for conservation of sacred groves in stateThe Hindu 12-06-2009Click Here to View
‘Sacred groves’ falsify govt. contentionThe Tribune 15-05-2009Click Here to View
Indian govt. backs controversial Vedanta mine planReuters15-10-2007Click Here to View
Call to preserve sacred grovesThe Hindu01-07-2007Click Here to View
Department issues directive to temples to grow 'sthalavriksham'The Hindu04-04-2007Click Here to View
Enchanting Forests, Elixir of lifeThe Times of India21-08-2006Click Here to View
Project to turn vacant temple lands greenThe Hindu05-06-2006Click Here to View
'Zodiac Garden' near MaduraiThe New  Indian Express04-04-2006Click Here to View
Call to preserve wetlandsThe Hindu22-03-2006Click Here to View
Breathe easy, JP Park is hereThe Times of India18-03-2006Click Here to View
Orissa tribals protesting mining projectNDTV07-12-2005Click Here to View
Protect these groves, the garden of the GodsThe Hindu26-08-2005Click Here to View
Worshipping NatureThe New Indian Express08-08-2005-
Bonsai tree to give spiritual solace at ashramDeccan Herald22-05-2005Click Here to View
Move to axe trees on temple landsThe Hindu03-04-2005Click Here to View
Spreading the message of OnenessThe Times of India07-06-2004Click Here to View
The Core of SacrednessThe New Sunday Express07-09-2003-
Lure of the DeodarsThe Tribune31-05-2003Click Here to View
Various pathways tell of the city's pastThe Tribune15-04-2003Click Here to View
Vanishing GrovesThe Hindu31-03-2003Click Here to View
The sacred groves of MancharThe Tribune16-02-2003Click Here to View
Concern over fast depletion of forest cover in PondyThe Hindu05-06-2002Click Here to View
Mythology Comes alive in this gardenThe Tribune24-03-2001Click Here to View
Retreat of the GodsThe Hindu04-06-2000Click Here to View
Religion manifests in a gardenThe Tribune08-08-1999Click Here to View
'Chipko Gods' of JammuThe Tribune02-04-1999Click Here to View

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