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Aitken, B.,"Seven Sacred Rivers",Penguin Books, New Delhi,1992
The author of the book " Seven Sacred Rivers" has discussed the India's sacred rivers which harbour legend, foster myth and exerts a powerful spiritual attraction. Drawn by their irresistible mystique, the author discovered the seven river goddesses for himself. Not wholly prepared for the range of moods he found them in - rivers that boiled over with a furious metallic hum or were maternal and languorous in their flow, rivers that were cold and aloof or were gentle and seductive in their jade loveliness-he nevertheless soon succumbed to their blandishments. Spanning thirty years of journeying, Seven Sacred Rivers is an absorbing, witty and informative travelogue, which also serves as a survival guide to an undiscovered India.

Birdwood G.C.M.,The Art of India, pp. 93. Delhi,1997
The book "The Arts of India" is the most authoritative and important reference works on Indian Art. The book contains a wealth of information and is amply illustrated. A glance through the contents pages will show the wide scope of the work and the thoroughness, which went into its preparation. Many of the subjects described were at one time plentiful. As a source of reference it is indispensable and provides in a single volume more information than general works on India. Part I of the book discussed the sacred animals, plants and trees, places, mountains and rivers.

Chatterjee, G.,"Cruising Along the Ganga in Bengal",Discover India, Vol. 11, No. 12, pp. 6-11, December,1998
Life and culture along the Ganga is as unique as the grandeur of the past and at times it projects an unchanging lifestyle amidst and ever-changing civilization.

David, S.,"Spring of Life", India Today, Vol.XXVII, No.44, pp. 95-96, November,2002
Cauvery is one of the seven sacred rivers of Hindu mythology. It originates from Talacauvery, which is perched on the Brahmagiri hills in the Western Ghats. Every year on the Tula Sankramana day thousands of devotees rush to Kodagu district to worship the river goddess.

Kinsley, D.,Hindu Goddesses: Visions of the Divine Feminine in the Hindu Religious Tradition, Delhi,1987
Malgonkar, M.,"The Great Indian Rivers",India, pp. 9-15, Brijbasi Printers Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi,1987
The pattern of rivers in India is just like the lines on the palm of a hand. People all over India worship almost all the rivers. In Rigveda a section is devoted exclusively for rivers. Some of the most important rivers of India are Indus, Saraswati, Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Cauvery, Godavari, Krishna etc.

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