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India’s Sacred Shrines and Cities, Madras,1940
The author has made an attempt to cover the important cities and sacred shrines of India, in regard to matters of culture and civilisations. The book is a literature of a novel kind unlike a guide book, the rich treasure of the sthala purana and descriptions of places and temple architecture is discussed by the author. An index of contents to the cities described and an index of portraits of temples for easy reference is also provided.

Anon,"Beyond Erotica",Discover India, Vol.13, No.3,March,2001
Khajuraho was once the great bustling capital of the aggressive kingdom of the Chandelas. The beautiful old Lakshmana temple standing on its high platform towering over the manicured lawns attracts a lot of tourists.

Anon,"Of Legends and Reality",Discover India, Vol.13, No.3,March,2001
Based on a seamless meld of epics, legends and reality, Maheshwar was venerated as a glorious city when it was known as Mahishmati, capital of king Kartvirarjun. Mention in the epics Ramayana and Mahabaratha proclaim Omkareshwar as a sacred island shaped like the holiest of all Hindu symbols, OM where the works of nature complement those of man to provide an awe–inspiring setting in its magnificence

Anon,"The Heart of Time",Discover India, Vol.13, No.3,March,2001
Ujjain is the city of the Lord of Time. The Mahakaleswar temple is the main spot of tourist attraction. Every, year thousands of pilgrims pour into Mahakaleswar. There is a certain radiant, benign tolerance about the Jyotirlinga present here.

Anon,"Twice Blessed Source",Discover India, Vol.13, No.3,March,2001
No country in the world has as many varied pilgrimages as we do in India. Amargantak, in its green bowl in the old Vindhyas, is the serene epitome of that titanic power.

Birdwood, G.C.M.,"The Art of India",pp.93, Delhi,1997
This book is the one of the most authoritative and important reference works on Indian Art. The book contains a wealth of information and is amply illustrated. A glance through the contents pages will show the wide scope of the work and the thoroughness, which has gone into its preparation. As a source of reference it is indispensable and provides in a single volume more information than general works on India. Part I of the book discusses the sacred animals, plants and trees, places, mountains and rivers.

Law, B.C.,"Mathura: An Ancient Indian City",Quarterly Journal of Mythic Society, Vol. XXXII, No.1, pp.1-7, The Mythic Society, Bangalore,1941
Mathura was also known as Madhupuri and was founded by Satrughna. The city is important as the birthplace of Lord Krishna and it is believed that it was here that he killed the tyrant King Kamsa.

R.G.K.,"Cities of India",India, pp. 90-99, Brijbasi Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi,1987
India is a land of ancient heritage. There are sthalapuranas and local legends, related to many cities in India. The four important cities discussed here are Varanasi, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur and Mysore of which the first three cities are of considerable antiquity.

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