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  Worship of cow (Gau-pooja)

 Worship of snake on Nagapanchami

By recognizing the divinity in animals, Indian traditions give them an equal position unsurpassed by any other tradition. Many animal species have been traditionally protected and continue to be conserved in many parts of our country.

Animals have been traditionally considered sacred for the following reasons:

  • Some animals are worshipped as deities themselves. For example, Ga nesha , the elephant-headed God and Hanuman , the monkey God.
  • Many animals are considered as vehicles ( vahanas ) of the deities and hence developed sanctity. For example, Garuda (Brahminy Kite), the vahana of Lord Vishnu and Nandi (Bull), the vehicle of Lord Shiva.  
  • Animals have also been regarded as the abode (either temporary or permanent) of the souls of the dead. Sometimes, even as the actual soul of the dead. For example, Crow and Dog  
  • The sanctity of an animal may also be based on their economic value . For example, t he water buffalo is venerated by Todas - a small pastoral tribe of the Nilgiris – who rely on the animal for their sustenance.
  • In many Indian societies (especially in the rural parts of the country), animals are sacrificed to deities and each slaughtered animal receives divine honours.

List of Sacred Animals

Asiatic Black BearAsiatic LionBengal TigerBlackbuck Antelope
Blood PheasentBrahmy KiteButterflyCamel
CockConchCow / BullCrow
DeerDogDomestic CatDomestic Goat
DonkeyDove / PigeonFishFrog
GeckoHanuman LangurHoney BeeHorse
House ShrewIndian CobraIndian CrocodileIndian Elephant
Indian Flying FoxIndian PeafowlMongooseOwl
ParakeetPorcupinePraying MantisRat
Sarus CraneSpiderSwanThree-striped Palm Squirrel
TortoiseVultureWater BuffaloWild Boar / Domestic Pig

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