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List of Sacred Groves in Thoubal

Sl.No.Sacred Grove NameSacred Grove LocationName of the deityArea (Hectares)
1WangbarelKongba Nandeibam LeikaiWangbarel0.50
2Wangkhei Loumanbi (Nongpok Panthoibi)Wangkhei Loumangbi LeikaiNongpok Panthoibi0.069
3Wangoi WangbarelWangoiWangbarel0.092
4Yangoi NingthouBishempur Joypur khunou, AwangYangoi Ningthou0.81
5Yangoi NingthouThangtekYangoi Ningthou0.002
6Yangoi NingthouKhoijuman Ward no. 2Khoijuman Yangoi Ningthou0.20
7Yangoi NingthouToubul Mayai LeikaiYangoi ningthou0.33
8Yangoi Ningthou LainingthouKhurai KongpalYangoi Ningthou Lainingthou0.20

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