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List of Sacred Groves in Lower Subansiri

Sl.No.Sacred Grove NameSacred Grove LocationName of the deityArea (Hectares)
1Dilang Tare Bo / Dilang Posa-Dilang Posa, Dilang Tari Bo, Khalo -
2Kyong Thervada Gumpa forestVIP Colony, Vivek BiharBuddha-
3Pumin Pubiang-Pumin Pubiang, Sai, Tajhe-
4Siddhartha Vihar Gumpa forestBank TinaliBuddha1.20
5Sree Moro Doji Yapung -Sree Moro / Doji Yapung-
6Suthi Pache Ko -Suthi Pache Ko-
8Yapun Yapyo-Yapun Yapyo-

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