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List of Sacred Groves in West Bengal

Click on the map for district-wise details of Sacred Groves

West Bengal

(Map courtesy: http://www.india.gov.in/maps/)

Sl.No.Sacred Grove NameSacred Grove LocationArea (Hectares)
District - East Medinipur
2SitalthanKendua 0.00
4ChakrasinithanKendua 0.36
5Jahera ThanKendua 0.04
6Burial groundKendua0.00
7Jahira ThanKashibandh 0.03
8Jualbhanga ThanKendua 0.11
9Sithal ThanKashibandh0.00
10Sidhu-Kanu ThanKashibandh0.00
11Burial groundKashibandh0.00
12Baram ThanPurba Bali Bandh0.00
13Sithal ThanPurba Bali Bandh0.00
15Kali ThanPurba Bali Bandh0.00
16Burial groundBaro Pipri0.00
17Garam ThanBaro Pipri0.00
18Sithal ThanBaro Pipri0.00
19Hari ThanBaro Pipri0.00
20Bhairab ThanBaro Pipri0.00
21Burial groundBaro Pipri0.00
22Manasa ThanBaro Pipri0. 11
23Garam ThanDhekipura0.00
24Sitalthan ThanDhekipura0.00
25Shib ThanDhekipura0.00
27Burial groundDhekipura0.00
28Garam ThanDudhkundi0.00
29Sital ThanDudhkundi0.00
30Shib ThanDudhkundi0.00
31Burial groundDudhkundi0.00
32Sabitri ThanDudhkundi0.00
33Garam ThanSapdhara0.00
34Sital ThanSapdhara0.00
35Shib ThanSapdhara0.00
36Baram ThanSapdhara0.00
37Burial groundSapdhara0.00
38Santalburi ThanSapdhara0.00

(Data Source: RANWA, Pune and Gadgil, M., 1998)

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