The Ambaji Temple is situated on the Arasur Hill, near border of Gujarat and Rajashthan, in Ambaji town, Gujarat. This holy shrine is also known as Arasuri Ambe, one of the 51 Shakti Peetha Tirth and center of Shakti Puja since centuries. There is no idol or picture in the temple but it has Yantra. There is a Gokh – cave in the wall on which gold plated marble inscription of a triangle Vishwa Yantra is fixed. It is copper plate with Vedic text on sacred geometry inscribed on with figures and Shree is written in the center. This Vishwa Yantra represents the deity in temple. This Vishwa Yantra is decked up with ornaments and special attire in a way that the ensemble resembles Goddess Ma Ambe.

Amabji Temple is the only temple in the world where every day the different vahan is used as savari of Ma Devi Ambe. Tiger on Sunday, Nandi on Monday, Lion on Tuesday, Aairavat on Wednesday, Garudjee on Thursday, Hans on Friday and Elephant of Saturday are used as Savari or Vahan or rider of Ma Devi Ambe. Four Bhattji families have been assigned to worship as Pujari in Ambaji Temple. Every year different family takes the charge as main Pujari in Temple from April to March.



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