Banki, a small beautiful town situated in the bank of river Mahanadi in the district of Cuttack. One of the oldest Chamunda Devi temples called Charchika temple is located in in the centre of the town. The temple is dedicated to goddess Chamunda who has eight arms for various functions. Her general posture is on the human body and the wearing is the garland of human skulls. This is the symbol of her violent nature over the demons.

It is a general belief that the idol of Maa Charchika was designed by the Lord Parshuram itself. On an evening when he was taking bath in river Mahanadi, he saw a stone was lifting and falling continuously. He approached the stone and found a women face on it. He immediately lifted the stone and kept it with him. Properly established it at a place and worshipped. Maas Charchika dreamt him and ordered to construct her temple. The ceiling of the mandapa is carved, painted with animals and birds like – elephant, duck, parrot, peacock, etc which made of wood whereas the pillars are in stone.



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