Ram Tirth


Located 11km west of¬†Amritsar, Ram Tirth is a temple dedicated to Lord Rama. It is an important ancient Hindu pilgrimage center .The place is believed to be the hermitage of Valmiki, where Luv and Kush, sons of Lord Rama were born and received education from the sage. Valmiki is believed to have scripted many sacred manuscripts including the epic Ramayana. It is also believed that the fight between Lord Ramchandra’s forces and Lav and Kush had also taken place at Ram Tirth.

Ram Tirth Temple premise consists of a hut, where Sita Devi gave birth to her sons, a well with stairs, where she used to take her bath and an ancient tank, which is believed to be dug by Hanuman.

The circumference of the tank is about 3km and there are temples on its sides. A 30 feet wide path of circumambulation runs around this sacred tank. A Majority of pilgrims consider it as very auspicious to take a dip in the holy tank.

Besides the Ram Tirth Temple, a number of temples are scattered in this area.

The four day long annual fair of the Ram Tirth temple is held in the month of November on the full moon day. About one lakh piligrims visit the place during the fair. Women light lamps and the ceremony is called tulla toarna(floating of tullas) to ward of sins.








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