Shuklatirth is a small holy village located on the way to Kabirvad in Bharuch District, Gujarat. Located on the banks of Narmada River, this is the most important place of Hindu pilgrimage. It has many old temples of Mahadevji, Vishnuji and other Hindu deities like Brahma and many goddesses. The most famous of them is Shukleshwar Mahadev Temple.

According to a legend Lord Shiva was pleased with the devout Chanakya and guided him to salvation. He instructed Chanakya to start his journey in a black boat at the mouth of the Narmada dressed in black and accompanied by a black cow. The place where black would transform into white would mark the location of his liberation. The transformation occurred in Shuklatirth. Shiva stayed with Chanakya at this site in the form of a linga. It is believed that this temple houses that same linga, and that by praying here all sins are purged and desires fulfilled.

The Omkarnath Vishnu Mandir has a tall white idol of Vishnu said to have emerged from the Narmada. This idol is made up of sand (it is a self manifested idol), but it appears as if it is made from marble.

Mythological accounts say that when saints were meditating on the bank of Narmada and the flow of water was disturbing them, they prayed to Lord Vishnu who appeared from the river and diverted the flow of water from the place. The saints later found a white idol of lord Vishnu from the river and a temple was built at the site.

Every year a five-day Kartik Purnima festival is held Shuklatirth temple on the banks of Narmada. Thousands of devotees attend this fair.



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