Srivilliputhur Andal Nandavanam


Srivilliputtur is situated under the Western Ghats in the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu. This town is the birth place of the great Vaishnava saint Perialwar and his greater foster daughter Andal.

Andal is the only female Alvar among the 12 Alvar saints of South India. The Alvar saints are known for their affiliation to the Srivaishnava tradition of Hinduism. Andal is credited with the great Tamil works, Thiruppavai and Nachiar Tirumozhi, that are still recited by devotees during the winter festival season of Margazhi.

It is also believed that Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam Ranganathaswamy temple married Andal, who later merged with the idol.

There are two temples in this town. One is that of Vadapathra Sayee Perumal. This is the divyadesam temple.  The other is the temple of Andal, which is believed to be the original residence of Perialwar. It is locally known as Nachiyar Thirumaligai.

On the way to Andal shrine is the Tirupoora Nandavanam. The  nandavanam established by Periyazhwar, is an important landmark of this temple. Inside the Nandavanam, is a modest shrine with the idol of smiling Andal as a child.

By her side is the tulsi mantapam. Her outpourings to Ranganatha expressing her deep love and longing to marry him contained in Tiruppavai have been inscribed on marble in the Nandavanam. It was here that the divine child was found by Periyazhwar (Vishnu Chithar) near the tulasi mantapam on Adi Pooram day. And the year is roughly put between 716 and 731 A.D.

It is also believed that this mantapam was built by Periyalwar and the idol installed after his return from Srirangam where he handed over Andal in marriage to Rangamannar.



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