Aradi is a Village in Chandabali Tehsil in Bhadrak District of Odisha State, India.  Akhandalamani Temple is one of the most famous religious sites in Bhadrak district.

The history of this temple goes back to around 370 hundred years back during the rule of Raja Sri Niladri Samara Singha Mohapatra constructed a Small Temple by the name of Baba Akhandalamani. According to the legends, one fine morning Raja sent a farmer to cultivate his Paddy field which was located the bank of the river Baitarani. While cultivating, the blade of his plough was broken by hitting some large material. When the man find out what it was, He saw a black glazed granite stone with full of blood which is flowing towards River Baitarani. Suddenly the man ran away and called the king. The king came to the place and found flood of milk in the spot and big black cobra holding the stone. On that night the king had a dream about Lord Akhandalamani. The next morning King started worshipping Baba Akhandalamani, and built a small wooden temple on the spot, from that day a large no of devotees started visiting and worshiping the Great God Baba Akhandalamani.

The Temple has a custom of applying milk, curd, banana, coconut, honey, gud, ghee directly on the Shiva Linga and the mixture is called Gharsana, the main prasad of Baba Akhandalamani. Mahashivratri is celebrated every year at the famous Shaivapith Aradi and attracts a large number of devotees.



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