Balaram, 16 kms from the town of Palanpur in Banaskantha district, is the site of a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Today, it has also become famous as a picnic spot, frequented by devotees and tourists alike.

This ancient Shiva temple lies amidst a dense forest. The Balaram River flows alongside and finally forms a natural lake called Gangasar. Many natural springs, which originate in the Aravalli mountains, are also seen alongside. The Dhara Mata and Hanuman temples are also located nearby.

Legend has it that during a drought a long time ago, the adivasis unknowingly left a baby behind when they migrated from this place. A year later, when they returned, the baby was still alive and so, they named this place ‘Balaram’.

It is also believed that Pandavas visited this place and stayed here for some time.

Devotees of Shiva flock to Balaram in large numbers to pray and offer Billipatra to Mahadev. They are seen in large numbers, especially on Mondays and in the month of Shravan.  Every year a large fair is held on the last Monday of Shravan.



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