Lankeshwar Temple


Lankeshwar Temple is an ancient Shiva temple on top of a hillock in the western part of the Guwahati city near Guwahati University campus in Kamrup district. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lankeshwar is one of the many forms of Lord Shiva. The followers of Lord Shiva considered the temple as one of the most sacred one. There are some stone sculptures and a shiva linga in the main temple. Devotees all around the year visit this temple and seek divine blessings

The wonderful location of the temple is a major reason for attracting not only religiously inclined people but also tourists. Since it is situated in a convenient location in the city, it is very easily accessible.

According to Hindu mythology, Ravana, the king of Lanka (now Sri Lanka) worshiped the Bhagwana Shiva at this place. Hence it is known as Lankeshwar. The temple has various religious sculptures that show its religious significances. Here, pilgrims can see marble-made stairs that will lead to the sacred temple. There are a total of 452 steps.

On the eve of Maha Shivaratri, a religious festival devoted to Lord Shiva, devotees come here to have sacred Darshan and blessings of divine power. Since the temple is located at easily accessible area, the pilgrims can easily visit here. The temple was constructed by the then king of Guwahati city many centuries ago. According to Hindu mythology, this temple is one of the most respectable as well as sacred Shiva temples in the country. It is said that once a person visit this temple, his all sins would be removed.






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