Chhatia Bata situated in the district of Jajpur, Odisha is one of the most historic places in Odisha. It is located about 30 kilometers away from the city of Cuttack. Chhatia is also considered an important pilgrimage centre due to the presence of the temple of Lord Jagannath. The deity of this temple is Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra. The walls of the temple bear intricate carvings dedicated to the lord. It is associated with the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu. The main attraction of this Temple is the “old Banyan tree” which is known as “Bata” in Odia Language. So the name of this temple is “Chhatia Bata”

In this Jagannath Temple, there is a Samadhi of shri Hadidas. He was a sage. He wrote ‘Maalika’. According to the story, it is said that the avatara Kalki will come here and he will take the famous and ancient sword Nandaka from Vainkuntha. He will do so in order to establish the Dharma again in the world and to grant peace in human life. And again, people will be happy, harmonious and satisfied as in Satya Yuga.


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