Daulatabad Fort Garden


Daulatabad (190 57’ N; 750 15’ E) is located at a distance of 15 km northwest of Aurangabad, the district headquarters and midway to Ellora group of caves. Daulatabad or ‘the abode of wealth’ was the name given by Muhammad-bin-Tughluq when he made his capital here in A.D. 1327. The ancient name being ‘Devagiri’ or ‘Deogiri’ meaning ‘Hill of Gods’ under the Yadavas of Deogiri.

Daulatabad Fort, is an architectural wonder for its rock-cut caves and passage, a structural temple, moat, defence walls, palaces, royal baths, residential quarters, bazaars, stepped wells, tanks, etc. Its historical prominence comes from the fact that during the rule of the Tughlaqs, the capital was shifted from Delhi to Deogiri which was renamed Daulatabad.

In the Daulatabad Fort Garden, Daultabad environmental development works have been done in open spaces like Rashid bag, in front of Chand Minar, in front of Kacheri bauli, shahi Hamam and in medha tope etc. There is a good evidence of char bagh pattern garden in Shahi Hamam which has already been restored & being maintained by the Horticulture Branch of Archaeological Survey of India.








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