Scientific Name: Hoplobatrachus tigerinus (Rana tigerina)
Common Name: Indian Bullfrog / Tiger Frog, Maindak (Hindi), Mandukya (Sanskrit)
Distribution: Human habitation structures in the tropics and sub- tropics.
Conservation Status: Not Extinct

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In Religion and Mythology​

The tiger frog wears the sign of the namam, the Vaishnavite symbol of three vertical lines on the forehead, and is therefore considered blessed.


The frog is also a symbol of reincarnation, for it goes through several forms—from egg to tadpole, breathing through its gills, to the air-breathing reptile. This is likened to the many forms a soul may take.


Frog is the vehicle of Brihaspati (Jupiter), the fifth of the nine planets, who carries a rosary and a kamandalu (water pot).

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