Sacred Groves in Gujarat

Sacred groves are seen throughout Gujarat, in varied forms. They have come into being owing to various cultural practices and belief systems. 42 sacred groves have been documented in the state.

Khodiyar mata, Oran Mata, Jhalai mata, Panch Krishna, Mahadev are some of the deities to whom these sacred groves are dedicated.

The vegetation in the groves is highly varied viz. mangroves, fresh water swamps, or other tropical forest types.

Cotton tree, Bengal quince, Neem, Mango, Flame of the forest, Sissoo, Thorny staff Tree, Banyan and Pipal are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves.

Sacred groves play an important role in the conservation of biodiversity, recharge of aquifers and soil conservation.  The cutting and climbing of trees and removal of wood are strictly prohibited.

List of Sacred Groves in Gujarat

Sl.No Sacred Grove Location Name of the deity Area Source
District – Sabarkantha
1 Cholia Choliyawala Mahadev Not Known Patel, H.R. and R.S. Patel, 2012, Study of sacred groves and sacred plants of R.D.F. Poshina Forest Range of Sabarkantha District, Northe Gujarat, India, Life sciences Leaflets, 5: 11-16.
2 Jotasan Ambaji Mata Not Known
3 Dotad Bhamrawali Mata Not Known
4 Dantral Chhibadi Mata Not Known
5 Movatpura Chamunda Mata Not Known
6 Malvas Mevadwala/Devda Bhagvan Not Known
District – Dahod
7 Sakarda, Chosala Kedarnath Mahadev Not Known Maru, R.N.1 and Patel R.S, 2013,

Ethno-Botanical Survey of Sacred Groves and Sacred Plants of Jhalod and Surrounding Areas in Dahod District, Gujarat, India,  Res.J.Recent.Sci. Vol. 2 (ISC-2012), 130-135.



Therka Panchkrishna Not Known
9 Kota village, near sanjeli Sankatmochan Hanuman Not Known
10 Chhakaliya village Ghugardev Mahadev Not Known
District – Banaskantha
11 On the bank of

the river Saraswati.

Shankar Mahadev Not Known Patel, P.K.and M.K.Patel, 2013, Sacred groves in conservation of plant biodiversity in Banaskantha district, Gujarat, India, Recent Research in Science and Technology, 5(1): 13-16
12 On the bank of

the river Saraswati.

Sendhani Mata Not Known
13 Mukteshwar Mukteshwar Mahadev Not Known
14 Shembhar Shembharia Goga Maharaj Not Known


Mukteshwar Guru nu Bhankharo Not Known
16 Cholia Khedawali mata Not Known Patel Hitesh R  & R. Patel,2013,  Ethnobotanical Plants Used by the Tribes of R.D.F.Phoshina Forest Range of Sabarkantha District,North Gujarat, India,  Int. J.Sci. Res. Publication, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Pp. 1-8.
17 Polapan Polagadawalimata Not Known
18 Devrabavaji Dedka Not Known
19 Ganer Chamunda mata Not Known
20 Demti Gogabapji maharaj Mahadev Not Known
21 Kotda -Gadhi Jata matajinu mandir Not Known
District – Banaskantha
22 Rinchadi, Jetvas Ambaji 1 acre
23 Kundel Palanpur 2 acres
24 Kheraniumbari Ambaji 4 acres
25 Rupavasa Palanpur 0.5 bighas
26 Chauri Palanpur 2 acres
27 Dabhachitra Ambaji 1.5 acres
28 Khermal Ambaji 2 acres
29 Viramveri Ambaji 1 acre
30 Kanabia vas Palanpur 1 bigha
31 Pataliya Palanpur 1 acres
32 Khapra Palanpur 2 bighas
33 Khuniya(Amirgad) Palanpur 1 acre
34 Sarotra Palanpur 2 acres
35 Pedagara Palanpur 5 acres
36 Isawani Palanpur 1 acre
37 Khara Palanpur 2.5 acres
38 Dharmata Balaram 2.5 acres
39 Surela Palanpur 2.5 acres
District– Kachchh


Bhuj Shravan

Kavadia temple

(within the Mangrove)

1.73 acres Nimisha, T., Raj S. Singh, B. Bakhori, C. Dalal, D. Parmar and B. Mishra, “The world’s only inland mangrove in sacred grove of Kachchh, India, is at risk”, Current Science, Vol. 105, NO. 8, 2013.
41 Gugaliyana Reserve Forest (RF) Oran Mata 2 ha Rohit Patel, Arun Kumar Roy Mahato and Yatin S. Patel, 2014,” Study on the Floristic Diversity of Two Newly Recorded Sacred Groves from Kachchh District of Gujarat, India”, Indian Journal of Plant Sciences, Vol.3 (1), pp.75-81.
42 Gugaliyana Reserve Forest (RF) Sadhay Pir 3 ha

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