Mahabali Temple


The The Mahabali Temple located in Manipur’s Imphal city belongs to Shri Hanuman Ji and is a testimony to the spread of Hinduism’s Ramanadi cult in Manipur.

It stands on the banks of the Imphal River among the groves, Mahabali forest. The temple enshrines a beautiful idol of Lord Hanuman in human form. The idol is carved out on a big slab of stone. The Lord is shown in human form in full size in dancing posture in the style of a Hindu priest wearing a dhoti.  The head has tangled knot of hair and around the neck there are three Rudraksha Malas. The right hand has the Gada (mace) and the forehead has a distinct tilak. The image has a long tail and the colour combinations and design make the idol look attractive.

The temple is believed to have been built by King Garib Niwaj in 1725 AD. It conforms to the hut-type of Bengal style. The mandapam located in front of the temple has shadowed the structure of the main temple. Covered with a dome shaped hemi-spherical structure, the sanctum cube is raised as a rectangular structure up to roof. A double lotus in a criss-cross pattern rests at the top of the roof.

Kalasas are placed over the crown. Above the kalasas, there is a vase which holds pinnacle with Nilchakra. Shree Hanuman Thakur temple is a memento of the Ramanandi cult of Hinduism in Manipur.

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp and reverence at the temple. Devotees come from all over the state to offer prayers and take part in the celebrations.



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