Charar-e-Sharif in Kashmir is the mausoleum of Shaikh Noor-ud-Din Noorani at Charar-e-Sharif.

Kashmir, with its immense beauty and religious fait is renowned throughout the world for its mysticism. Kashmir has always be known for its religious harmony and sprit of brotherhood among the various community.

Shaja Nand also known as Nand Rishi was born in 1377 at Khe-Jogipora. Nund Rishi. After he attaioned self realization, he became extremely popular among the common people and people flocked to him to seek his blessings. Some people came to name for religious knowledge and guidance. The people conferred on him various titles such as Shaikh-ul-Alam,Shaikh-noor-u-din-nurani, Alamdar-i-kashmir,Sarkhel-i-Rishiya,Nund Rish. Even today he referred to by these names.



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