Reis Magos


Reis Magos is a village located on the northern bank of the Mandovi River in Bardez, Goa, opposite to the capital city of Panjim. The village is famous for two of Goa’s famous structures; the Reis Magos Fort, and the Reis Magos Church – the first church in Bardez.

The Reis Magos Church is one of the landmarks in Goa. Situated on the road which passes the famous Calangute and Candolim beaches, the church lies on the banks of river Mandovi in Bardez taluk, North Goa. Reis Magos is the Portuguese name for the Three Wise Men from the Bible. Also known as the church of the Three Magi Kings, it is located inside the Reis Magos fort approached by a broad flight of steps.

This magnificent church was built way back in 1555. The church is dedicated to St. Jerome. This church was taken over by the Franciscan friars who watched over the missionary work here. They also founded a small educational institution over here.

It is said that the church was built on the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple. The sacred Hindu symbol is typical of the Vijayanagar temple style. As one  climbs the stairs of the church, one  gets to see the bas-relief lion statues on the sides of the stairs, which is typical of a Hindu temple. The church had much importance during the Portugal rule and in fact two Viceroys of Goa were buried over here and their tomb stones are still present.

The church is decorated beautifully inside and is quite colorful, unlike the outside walls that painted in sparkling white. The wooden supports are multi colored and show depictions of the Three Wise Men going with gifts to see Baby Jesus Christ. The altar is quite high . Every year the church hosts the annual feast of the Three Wise Men on January 6th. The locals of the village participate enthusiastically and enact the roles of the Three Kings of Magi. A procession to mark the journey of the three kings begins from the church and goes around the village spreading cheer and happiness.






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