Sivasagar previously spelled Sibsagar is an historical city 369 kms from Guwahati It was the capital of the mighty Ahoms, who ruled Assam for more than six hundred years before the advent of the British. The most remarkable landscape of the town is the 200 year old Sibsagar tank. On its banks are three temples– the Shivadol, the Vishnudol and the Devidol– all three built by Queen Madambika, wife of Siva Singha, in the year 1734. A church and two mosques are also located on the bank of the tank.

The Shivadol is believed to be the highest Siva Temple in India, having a height of 104 feet and the perimeter 195 feet.  Sivadol is surrounded by two subsidiary temples Visnudol (in the east) and Devidol which are architecturally similar to the larger Shiva temple.

Vishnudol is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu; Devidol, also known as Joidol, is a Durga temple. While the Vishnu temple’s tower has a honeycomb design with an ornamental criss-cross framework, the Durga temple’s tower is designed, in its vertical elevation, with an undulating pattern

Every year, during the Mahashivaratri, a huge mela (fair) is organized in the Shiva temple and pilgrims visit from all parts of India to offer puja. During the Hindu month of Sawan (August September), Hare Krishna kirtan, chanting of the Hare Krishna mantra, is conducted all through the night, a major attraction to the devotees.

The Dol Yatra and Rath Yatra are two annual festivals celebrated at Vishnu Dol. Durga Puja is celebrated every year with great fervour during September–October at Devidol.




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