Dargah of Ajan Pir


Situated in the Saraguri Chapori region, which is about 22 Kms from the town of Sivasagar Ajan Pir Dargah was built in the memory of the great Muslim reformer and Saint Ajan Fakir.

Ajan Fakir, born Shah Miran, also known as Azan Pir, Hazrat Shah Miran, and Shah Milan (presumably from Miran), was a Sufi Syed, poet, Muslim preacher and saint from the 17th century, who came from Baghdad to settle in the Sibsagar area of Assam in the north-eastern part of India, where he helped to unify the people of the Brahmaputra valley, and to reform, reinforce and stabilise Islam in the region of Assam.

He studied the Holy Quran, The Hadith and Islamic philosophy in Bagdad. Hazarat Azan Saheb and some of his companions most probably in the early years of the 17th century came to India.

It is believed that he built a masjid at Sonpura, near the Ahom capital Gargaon and chanted ‘Azan’, the calling for ‘Namaz’ for which people called him Azan pir. Popular belief is that he and his companions came to India on foot and entered the country through the khaibor. He stayed at the Dargah of Hazrat khwaja Moinuddin Chisty  at Ajmer. Then he came to Dargah of Saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya in Delhi. No historical evidence regarding his entrance in Assam is available; but popular belief is that he came to Hajo through Cooch Behar.

Ajan Pir was the first Muslim saint to compose “Zikir”(a completely unique genre of religious songs) in Assamese Language (160 Nos. Approx).

In course of time his influence spread, he acquired a good number of followers and earned the enmity of a Muslim official, Rupai Dadhora, who by conspiracy convinced the Ahom king that Ajan Fakir was a Mughal spy and had orders passed for plucking out the Pir’s eyes. The Pir, according to some songs, had two earthen pots brought into which he let his “two eyes drop”.

The king was alarmed and for atonement made land grants to Ajan Fakir at Sovaguri Chapari, near Sibsagar and had a matha built for him. This place on the bank of Brahmaputra has become a holy place with Ajan Pir’s Dargah where an annual urs is held.

Hazrat Aazan Pir Saheb was an untiring champion of humanity. He refused to discriminate among people on the basis of religion. He declared that he had no feeling of discrimination in his mind as a Hindu or a Muslim is the creation of the same Allah; every man, irrespective of religion radiates the glory of Allah.






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