Tamil Nadu

Sacred Groves in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, every village has a sacred grove.  These groves range in size from one to 500 acres.   The sacred groves in Tamil Nadu are known as Koil Kaadu, Swami Thopu, Swami Sholai or Ayyappan Kaavu (in Kanyakumari).

The deities associated with the groves are Aiyanar, Sastha, Muniswaran Karuppuswami, Vedappar, Andavar and Amman. 1275 groves have been documented in the state.   The groves are the repositories of medicinal plants.

Crab’s eye, White babool, Siris, White cutch tree, Indian Persimmon and Ebony are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves of the plains.

Wild lime, Iron wood tree, Alangium, Capper bush and Indigo wodier are among the most commonly found plant species in the coastal sacred groves.

Indian mesquite, East Indian walnut, Poison nut, Tamarind, Ebony and Persimmon are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves of the Eastern Ghats.

Kurinji, White marudah, Cycas, Rudraksha, Indian black plum, Champak and Rosewood are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves of the Western Ghats.

Once a year, a festival is held in the grove.  Pongal is prepared for which dry twigs from the grove are used.  Apart from this, twigs and branches of the groves cannot be plucked or used.  It is mandatory that the grove is always kept clean: one is not allowed to urinate or defecate within the grove.

The characteristic feature of sacred groves in Tamil Nadu is the offering of terracotta horses to Aiyanar, the village kaaval kaaran (watchman) at the shrine of the mother Goddess. The horses are offered to him to go around the village in order to guard it.

C.P.R. Environmental Education Centre took up a survey of Sacred Groves in Tamilnadu in April 1997. The study was conducted to:

Precisely locate and map the groves and to prepare an inventory

Demarcate the sacred groves based on the availability of endemic and threatened plants

Suggest measures for the preservation and effective management of the threatened groves

Study the socio-economic and cultural importance of the groves

448 groves were documented throughout Tamilnadu, out of which 6 groves (Benagudi Shola, Sittannavasal, Puthupet,  Udaiyankudikadu, Tirukurungudi and Devadanam) were taken up for detailed floristic and faunistic studies.

District-wise distribution of Sacred Grove in Tamil Nadu


S.No District No. of Groves
1 Ariyalur 49
2 Coimbatore 28
3 Cuddalore 46
4 Dharmapuri 29
5 Dindigul 35
6 Erode 50
7 Kancheepuram 35
8 Kanyakumari 167
9 Karur 25
10 Krishnagiri 20
11 Madurai 49
12 Nagappattinam 21
13 Namakkal 41
14 Perambalur 48
15 Pudukkottai 54
16 Ramanathapuram 44
17 Salem 48
18 Sivaganga 30
19 Thanjavur 38
20 The Nilgiris 32
21 Theni 19
22 Tiruvallur 22
23 Tiruvannamalai 46
24 Tiruvarur 18
25 Tirunelveli 39
26 Tiruppur 28
27 Tiruchirappalli 44
28 Tuticorin 30
29 Vellore 32
30 Villupuram 78
31 Virudhunagar 30
Total 1275


List of Sacred Groves in Tamil Nadu

S. No Taluk Name of Sacred Grove Deities
Ariyalur District
1 Ariyalur Poyyur Aiyyanar
2 Ariyalur Suburayapuram Aiyyanar
3 Ariyalur Vikramangalam Aiyyanar
4 Ariyalur Nagamangalam Karuppah
5 Ariyalur Elakurichi Aiyanar
6 Ariyalur Ottakovil Aiyyanar
7 Ariyalur Ottakovil Magathamman
8 Ariyalur Kallamedu Aiyanar
9 Ariyalur Salakurichi Karuppah
10 Ariyalur Thamaraikulam Oppayi
11 Ariyalur Sennivanam Mannar
12 Ariyalur Sennivanam Karuppaiyah
13 Ariyalur Rayampuram Aiyanar
14 Sendurai Unijni Aiyanar
15 Sendurai Valarakurichi Muneeshwar
16 Sendurai Valarakurichi Aiyanar
17 Sendurai Kudikadu Verranar
18 Sendurai Siruklathur Aiyyanar
19 Sendurai Siruklathur Periyandavar
20 Sendurai Ponparappi Aiyanar
21 Sendurai Pasalam Muniyappah
22 Sendurai Adikudikadu Selliamman
23 Sendurai Kilarayampuram Nallapa
24 Sendurai Nakkambadi Karuppu
25 Sendurai Nakkambadi Siraimeeta aiyanar
26 Sendurai Nakkambadi Seeandavan
27 Sendurai Nakkambadi Veeramuthar
28 Sendurai Niniyur Karuppaiyah
29 Sendurai Udaiyankudikadu Karumbayiram kondavar
30 Sendurai Vanjinapuram Aiyanar
31 Sendurai Kulumur Karuppaiyah
32 Sendurai Kulumur Odakkarai karuppu
33 Sendurai Vangaram Aiyyanar
34 Sendurai Sithudaiyar Veeramuthiyah
35 Sendurai Sithudaiyar Sathiyappar
36 Sendurai Nagalkuzhi Karuppaswami
37 Sendurai Nagalkuzhi Aiyyanr
38 Sendurai Veerakkan Aiyannar
39 Sendurai Mathumadukki Karuppu
40 Sendurai Ponparappi Karuppaiyah
41 Sendurai Sedakudikadu Periyandavan
42 Sendurai Maruvathur Muniyappah
43 Sendurai Nammagunam Mannar
44 Sendurai Nammagunam Karuppaiyah
45 Udaiyarpalayam Saliuppai Pathinettampadi
46 Udaiyarpalayam Kachiperumal Poraiyathal
47 Udaiyarpalayam Kanchiperumal Veeranar
48 Udaiyarpalayam Edaiyur Aiyyanar
49 Sendurai Serukalkadambur Karuppaiyah
Coimbatore District
50 Coimbatore Marudhamalai Thanthonri Vinayaga
51 Coimbatore Marudhamalai Idumban koil
52 Coimbatore Palathurai Iyappan
53 Coimbatore Palathurai Bathrakaliyamman
54 Coimbatore Othakal mandapam Vedasamikovil
55 Coimbatore Velliangiri Andavar
56 Coimbatore Kuttaiyar Madeswaran
57 Coimbatore Vadugapalayam Mahaliamman
58 Coimbatore Othakal mandapam Navakodi angalamman
59 Sulur Sulur Nagadevan
60 Sulur Sulur Angalamman
61 Sulur Sulur Perumal
62 Mettupalayam Korapathy Maniyattiamman
63 Mettupalayam Paraipalayam Mandhai Mariamman
64 Mettupalayam Manar Mariamman
65 Mettupalayam Athikadavu Bhavani Mariamman
66 Mettupalayam Kethakadu Kaliamman
67 Pollachi Sethumadai Kaliamman
68 Pollachi Anamalai Masani amman
69 Valparai Ayyarpadi Muniswarar
70 Valparai Ayyarpadi Vinayaga temple
71 Valparai Ayyarpadi Vandikara Karuppuswami
72 Valparai Kavarkal Muniswarar
73 Valparai Solaganur Kannimar
74 Valparai Waterfalls Balamurugan
75 Valparai Waterfalls Aiyappan
76 Valparai Waterfalls Maduraiveeran
77 Valparai Waterfalls Muniswaran
78 Valparai Waterfalls Sakthi Mariamman
79 Valparai Waterfalls CSI St. Marks Church
80 Valparai Waterfalls Kaliyatha
Cuddalore District
81 Chidambaram Periyakumatti Aiyanar
82 Chidambaram Senthirankillai Muniyappa
83 Chidambaram Senthirankillai Ponniamman
84 Chidambaram Periyakumatti Kiliyalamman
85 Chidambaram Keezh Bhavanagiri Udayarappan
86 Cuddalore T.Puthupalayam Aiyanar
87 Cuddalore Varakkal Pattu Villukatti Aiyanar
88 Cuddalore Kuttiyakuppam Aiyanar
89 Cuddalore Krishnapuram Pachaivazhi amman
90 Cuddalore Ullaripattu Aiyanar
91 Cuddalore Karaimedu Aiyanar
92 Cuddalore Keezh Kumara mangalam Aiyanar
93 Cuddalore Karanipattu Aiyanar
94 Cuddalore Thennambakkam Azhagumuthu Aiyanar
95 Cuddalore Odalapattu Mathura vazhi Aiyanar
96 Cuddalore Reddichavadi Perumpanar
97 Cuddalore Periyakattupalayam Vettu kulathu Aiyanar
98 Cuddalore Sethukattupalayam Aiyanar
99 Cuddalore Madhalapattu Aiyanar
100 Cuddalore Kilingikuppam Aiyanar
101 Cuddalore Cinnairusampalayam Aiyanar
102 Cuddalore Arisiperiyagkuppam Mena Aiyanarappan
103 Cuddalore Sundararpadi Aiyanar
104 Cuddalore Arasaclikuppam Aiyanar
105 Cuddalore Karamanikuppam Aiyanar
106 Cuddalore Thokkanambakkam Aiyanar
107 Cuddalore Semmang kuppam Aiyanar
108 Cuddalore Mettupalayam Aiyanar
109 Cuddalore Alappakkam Aiyanar
110 Kattumanarkoil Natchiyarpet Thalaiyappar/ Aiyyanar
111 Kurinchipadi Aadhinarayanapuram Mariamman
112 Kurinchipadi Periyapattu Aiyanar
113 Panrutti Vilagalpattu (or) Kuzhandhaikuppam Aiyanar
114 Panrutti Suriampet Aiyanar
115 Panrutti Suriampet Kanniamman
116 Panrutti Palapattu Aiyanar
117 Panrutti Agaram Aiyanar
118 Panrutti Siruvathur Poomudi Aiyanar
119 Panrutti Chinna Semakottai Aiyanar
120 Panrutti Panapakkam Pachaivazhiamman
121 Panrutti Kizha pakkam Aiyanar
122 Thittakudi Kil Cheruvaai Aiyanar
123 Thittakudi Idai Cheruvaai Nalla Chelliamman
124 Virudhachalam Mudhanai Sembai Aiyanar
125 Virudhachalam Vedappar Vedappar
126 Virudhachalam Ko. Mavidhanthai Karumbayiram Kondavar
Dharmapuri District
127 Dharmapuri Yelagiri Kattu Mariamman
128 Dharmapuri Yelagiri Oothukuli Mariamman
129 Dharmapuri V.Kuthampatti Anjaneyar koil
130 Dharmapuri Thoppaiyaru Anai Muneshwaran
131 Dharmapuri Thoppur Shri Jaya Veera Anjaneyar
132 Dharmapuri Chekkarapatti Mariamman koil
133 Harur Vanathoor Periyandavar
134 Harur Vakuthupatti Pattalamman
135 Harur Pallipatti Draupadiamman
136 Harur Pannikulam Selliammankoil
137 Harur Thippampatti Pattalamman
138 Harur Teerthamalai Easwaran koil
139 Harur Koodalur Poipatti Mariamman koil
140 Palakodu Karakudaipatti Thalaikonda Amman
141 Palakodu Adilam Kaliyamman
142 Palakodu Agrakaram Thalaikondamman
143 Palakodu Kudumbanayakan patti Muneshwaran
144 Pappiredipatti Gowravarmalai Pachaiamman koil
145 Pappiredipatti Kombai Selliamman
146 Pappiredipatti Vellakal Perumalkoil
147 Pappiredipatti Vellakal Matheswaran
148 Pappiredipatti Kettipatti Thunikatti Mariamman
149 Pappiredipatti Kettipatti Ellai Muniappan
150 Pappiredipatti Kombai Kattu Mariamman
151 Pappiredipatti Vaasi Goundanoor Murugan koil
152 Pappiredipatti Vaasi Goundanoor Perumal koil
153 Pappiredipatti Kathiripuram Anjaneyar
154 Pappiredipatti Papambadi Muthu Mariamman koil
155 Pennagaram Hokenakkal Oottamalai Ranganathan koil
Dindigul District
156 Athoor Athur Vandiamma
157 Dindigul Ayyalur Vandi Karuppanna Swami
158 Dindigul Sirumalai Agasthiyarpuram Idumban
159 Dindigul Sirumalai Agasthiyarpuram Vinayagar
160 Dindigul Sirumalai Puthur Vellimalaiyan
161 Dindigul Sirumalai Puthur Palichiamman
162 Dindigul Sirumalai Palaiyur Vellimalaiyan Koil
163 Dindigul Sirumalai Jallipatti (Mettur) Vellimalaiyan Sivan
164 Dindigul Sirumalai Ramarajapuram Vellimalai Karuppaswami
165 Dindigul Jambulingampatti Kannimar
166 Dindigul Thadikkombu Soundararaja Perumal
167 Dindigul Sirumalai Agasthiyarpuram Vellimalaiyan Sivan
168 Kodaikanal Kodaikanal Kuruji Andavar
169 Natham Uluppakudi Kannimar
170 Natham Uluppakudi Valladiyar
171 Natham V. Mettupatti Perumal
172 Natham Vangamanaoothu Koottathu Karuppaswami
173 Natham Karandhamalai Kudagipatti Aiyyanar
174 Natham Aravankurichi Muthukaruppanna Swami
175 Natham Kuttupatti (Puthiripatti) Vengalatchiamman
176 Natham Azhagarkoil Kallazhagar
177 Natham Pazhamudhircholai Rakkasiamman
178 Natham Pazhamudhircholai Murugan
179 Natham Puthukkottai Padhakaruppu
180 Natham Pillaiyar Natham Karuppu
181 Natham Kottapatti Pillaiyar Natham Veera Mahamuni
182 Natham Senkurichi Karungal Mudimalaiaandi
183 Nilakkottai Batlagundu Kattakamanpatti Karuppaswami
184 Oddanchatram Oddanchatram Aranmanai Pudur Muniyappa
185 Oddanchatram Oddanchatram, Aththikomkai Muniyappa
186 Oddanchatram Oddanchatram Karuppaswami
187 Palani Palani Vinayaga temple
188 Palani Palani Kaliamman
189 Vedasandur Velayuthampalayam Kanniamman
190 Vedasandur Kottamandhai Muniyappan
Erode District
191 Bhavani Uratchikottai Vedagiri
192 Bhavani Rakkanapalayam Amman
193 Bhavani Anthiyur Thavasiyappan
194 Bhavani Kattupalayam Malaikaruppu
195 Erode Odamnilai / Theransinnamalai Pongaliyamman
196 Erode Aarachalur /Nagamalai Thertharu mariyamman
197 Erode Erode Anchaneyar
198 Gopichettipalayam Ammapalayam Eshwaran kovil
199 Gopichettipalayam Kuduthurai Sanga mageshwaran
200 Perundurai Vaipadi Thoppukaruppuswami
201 Perundurai Sarali Kadappamadai yeri
202 Perundurai Thingalur Alagurajapermal
203 Sathyamangalam Singarasampalayam Pannari amman
204 Sathyamangalam Singarasampalayam Sivalingam
205 Sathyamangalam Ramapailu Madheswaran
206 Sathyamangalam Chinnam pathi Karuppanar
207 Sathyamangalam Venga pathi Mariamman
208 Sathyamangalam Venga pathi Periyaiya
209 Sathyamangalam Venga pathi Perumal
210 Sathyamangalam Singararampalayam Murugan
211 Sathyamangalam Vadavalli Madeshwaran
212 Sathyamangalam Pellari Mulasankaraiyer
213 Sathyamangalam Pellari Kavaldeivam
214 Sathyamangalam Pellari Nagamma
215 Sathyamangalam Thalamalai aasanurvaru Vinayagar
216 Sathyamangalam Civeyarvalayam / Malaikovil Selvavinayagar
217 Sathyamangalam Malaiyadi puthur Murugan kovil
218 Sathyamangalam Aasanur Mariyamman
219 Sathyamangalam Arepalayam Kumbeshwaran
220 Sathyamangalam Arepalayam Mariyamman
221 Sathyamangalam Arepalayam Muneshwaran
222 Sathyamangalam Mavalam Jadai uthirasami
223 Sathyamangalam Thevarnatham Kumbeshwaran
224 Sathyamangalam Osatti Ethiyamman
225 Sathyamangalam Osatti Jaderutharar
226 Sathyamangalam Kottadai Muneshwaran
227 Sathyamangalam Kottadai Muneshwaran
228 Sathyamangalam Kottadai Mahalingasami
229 Sathyamangalam Kermalam Jadai uthirasami
230 Sathyamangalam Palaya aasanur Kumbeshwarar
231 Sathyamangalam Aasanur /DPF thottam Mariyamman
232 Sathyamangalam Thalavadi /Sikkalli Kottur puskeshwaran
233 Sathyamangalam Ekkalur Kubeshwaran
234 Sathyamangalam Balapadakai Buthivatta mariyamman
235 Sathyamangalam Kurinjikudi Birammappa
236 Sathyamangalam Balapadakkai Jadasami
237 Sathyamangalam Singarasampalayam Pannari amman
238 Sathyamangalam Singarasampalayam Sivalingam
239 Sathyamangalam Ramapailu Madheswaran
240 Sathyamangalam Chinnam pathi Karuppanar
Kancheepuram District
241 Chengalpattu Orathur Ponniamman
242 Chengalpattu Pazavelli Patchaiamman
243 Chengalpattu Pullipakkam Viyagareshwarar
244 Chengalpattu Pullipakkam Pedariponniyamman
245 Chengalpattu Chettypuniyam Devi karimariamman
246 Chengalpattu Thirukachur Marundeshwarar
247 Chengalpattu Kondamangalam Ponniyamman
248 Chengalpattu Maraimalainagar Kalyanamurugar
249 Cheyyur Kannimangalam Ponniyamman
250 Cheyyur Cheyyur Nagathamman
251 Cheyyur Cheyyur Velariyamman
252 Cheyyur Kadapakkam Throbathiyamman
253 Cheyyur Cuddalore village Megathamman
254 Madhuranthagam Melma Mariyamman
255 Madhuranthagam Melma Ponniyamman
256 Madhuranthagam Thandaraipettai Annichiyamman
257 Madhuranthagam Perumpakkam Sithivinayagar
258 Madhuranthagam (Pasuvankaranai)Semponndi Sollaivaziyamman
259 Madhuranthagam Kizamoor Gangammal/Muthalammal
260 Thirukazikundram Keerapakkam Ponniamman
261 Thirukazikundram Thirukazikundram Vedhagireshwarar
262 Thirukazikundram Keerapakkam Manja kanniyamman
263 Thirukazikundram Thiruvadisullam Karumarriamman
264 Thirukazikundram Mannapakkam Chinnakanniamman
265 Thirukazikundram Mannapakkam Kangaiyamman
266 Thirukazikundram Mogaiyurpattarai Gangaiyamman
267 Thirukazikundram Pattikadu Ponniyamman
268 Thirukazikundram Keerapakkam Ponniamman
269 Thirukazikundram Irumbulli Vembuliamman
270 Uthiramerur Santhanacherri Patchaiamman
271 Uthiramerur Chinnalampadi Ponniyamman
272 Uthiramerur Chinnalampadi Thandhoniamman
273 Uthiramerur Kunnavakkam Ettiyamman
274 Uthiramerur `Vadathaoor Amman
Kanyakumari District
275 Agastheeswaram Anchalikadavu Isakki Kaavu, Single stone only
276 Agastheeswaram Araporavilai Saastha Kaavu, Single stone
277 Agastheeswaram Chatharai Nagaramman Kaavu Nagaraja, Lekshi, Madan stone
278 Agastheeswaram Chemputtupotai Saastha Kaavu, Stone, Madan, Nagaraja, Lekshi
279 Agastheeswaram Arattu Vilai Nagar kaavu Nagaraja
280 Agastheeswaram Kallurankarai, Naga Lekshi kaavu Five heads Naga Lekshi
281 Agastheeswaram Kattuvilai saastha kaavu, Ayyappan, Nagaraja Stone
282 Agastheeswaram Muthumariamman Kaavu, Stone
283 Agastheeswaram Vallankali Saastha Kaavu, Nagaraja, Saastha
284 Agastheeswaram Vilacode Isakki Amman kaavu, Nagar, Lekshi, Amman, Madan,
285 Kalkulam Alancode Nagar Kaavu, Cherukol Isakki Amman, Nagaraja
286 Kalkulam Amman Koil Kaavu, Attor, Amman, Nagaraja
287 Kalkulam Amman Kaavu, Vilathi Vilai, Lekshi, Ayyappan, Pillayar,
288 Kalkulam Azarikudi Vilai Ayyappan, Devi, Nagaraja,
289 Kalkulam Azhapancode Iswarakaala Ayyappan,Pairavan, Nagaraja
290 Kalkulam Arempucode Bhagavathi Amman Bhagavathi Amman
291 Kalkulam Chempancode Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja, lamping stone
292 Kalkulam Chellankonam Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja, Pillayar, Lekshi
293 Kalkulam Chentharai Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja
294 Kalkulam Chokkuthunki odukku Kaavu Burial ground
295 Kalkulam Devasagayam Pillai Kurusadi Cross
296 Kalkulam Dharmasaastha Kaavu Nagaraja, Pillayar
297 Kalkulam Dharmasaastha Kaavu Nagalekshi, Nagalingam, Kaali
298 Kalkulam Garampuzha kaavu, Anducode Sudalai Madan
299 Kalkulam Kalvilagam Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja
300 Kalkulam Kaalivilai Kaavu, Nelikkavilai Stone, Nagaraja
301 Kalkulam Kaamooalai Kandan Saastha Nagaraja
302 Kalkulam Kammottu Vilai Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja, Naga Lekshi
303 Kalkulam Kanchiracode Lekshi kaavu Lekshi, Poothatan
304 Kalkulam Kallugonam kaavu Kaliyal Single stone
305 Kalkulam Kaakulam kanda Saasthan kaavu Saastha, Pillayar, Nagaraja
306 Kalkulam Kariyamangalam Saastha kaavu Ayyappan
307 Kalkulam Kariparai Isakki Amman kaavu Isakki Amman, Seven kannikal
308 Kalkulam Kaanchimadam Saastha kaavu Ayyappan
309 Kalkulam Kalikesam Saastha kaavu Stone, Nagaraja
310 Kalkulam Kavuvilai, Nagar kaavu, Muncherai, Nagaraja
311 Kalkulam Kavuvilai Nagakanni kaavu Naga Kanni
312 Kalkulam Kaveerikaadu Sri Dharma Saastha Nagaraja, Isakki Amman
313 Kalkulam Kollenchi kaavumolai Saastha Saastha, Devi
314 Kalkulam Kongachakanda Saastha kaavu Ayyappan, Nagaraja
315 Kalkulam Kuttalumoodu Bhadreswari koil Bhadreswari, Srikrishnanm
316 Kalkulam Kattankulam Bhagavathi Amman Bhaghavathi Amman
317 Kalkulam Kottankulam Saasthakaavu Nagaraja, Naga Lekshi
318 Kalkulam Kunchuveettu Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja
319 Kalkulam Kunnankani Saasthankoil kaavu Amasthu vaara Lekshi
320 Kalkulam Kurucheri meenachal Nagar kaavu Nagaraja, Lekshi, Stone
321 Kalkulam Kochikattuvarapoor Nagaraja Nagaraja
322 Kalkulam Kuruvikaalai Saastha kaavu Stone
323 Kalkulam Kuzhithurai Naga Kaavu, Palavilai Stone
324 Kalkulam Mangalathuvilai Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja, Ayyappan
325 Kalkulam Mannuvilai Saastha kaavu Nagaraja
326 Kalkulam Mangaram Saastha kaavu Saastha, Nagaraja
327 Kalkulam Manankulamkarai Saastha kaavu Ayyappan, Lekshi, Sivalingam
328 Kalkulam Mekattu Bhaghavathi kaavu Bhagavathi, Saastha, Pillayar
329 Kalkulam Mukuttu Saastha Kaavu Saastha, Devi, Nagaraja
330 Kalkulam Mulayam vilagam Saastha kaavu Nagaraja
331 Kalkulam Naga Bhaghavathi Kaavu Naga Bhaghavathi
332 Kalkulam Neelakesi Amman Koil, Ittakaveli Bhadrakali Amman, Isakki
333 Kalkulam Nadu parambu Naga Lekshi Kaavu, Nagaraja
334 Kalkulam Navurichi Vilai Attukaavu Five head Nagaraja
335 Kalkulam Nochipuzha Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja
336 Kalkulam Ottukulam Saastha kaavu Ayyappan Pillayar, Nagadevi
337 Kalkulam Patamakulam Saastha Kaavu Nagaraja
338 Kalkulam Pilanthoppu saastha kaavu Nagaraja
339 Kalkulam Poothathan Kaavu, Alluvilai Poothathan, Saastha
340 Kalkulam Puthuca Saastha kaavu Nagaraja, Saatha
341 Kalkulam Thannipathayam Nagammal kaavu Saastha, Pillayar
342 Kalkulam Thekkapallam Naagar Kaavu Nagaraja, Lambstone
343 Kalkulam Uriyamoodu Saastha Kaavu Nagaraja, Saastha
344 Kalkulam Vazhavilai Saastha kaavu Sivalingam, Pillayar, Saastha
345 Kalkulam Vellancode Lekshi kaavu, Chitharal Lekshi, Murugan
346 Kalkulam Vengavilai Nagalekshi kaavu Lekshi, Nagaraja, Pillayar
347 Thovalai Attor NagaLekshi Kaavu, Isakki Amman, Madan
348 Thovalai Edaikatten Kaala Nagaramman Nagaraja, Amman
349 Thovalai Kallathipadu Saastha kaavu Sacrifice stone, Lekshi
350 Thovalai Kallaravayal sastha kaavu Stone
351 Thovalai Muppuram Saastha kaavu Saastha, Lekshi, Pillayar
352 Thovalai Palligonam Navurikaavu Stone, Nagaraja
353 Thovalai Pulimugam Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja, Pillayar
354 Thovalai Thickurichy Saastha kaavu Ayyappan, Nagaraja
355 Thovalai Valiyattumugam Isakki Amman Sudalai madan, Isakki Amman
356 Thovalai Velloncode Nagar Kaavu, Chitharal Stone, Nagaraja, Lamb stone
357 Vilavancode Kollencode Nagaraja, Madan
358 Vilavancode Maruthancode Allantharai Nagaraja
359 Vilavancode Suriyacode Nagaraja, Madan, Pillayar
360 Vilavancode Arachilan kottu kulam Saastha Saastha and other seven
361 Vilavancode Adhancode Isakki Amman Kaavu, Isakki Amman, Nagaraja
362 Vilavancode Aruvikarai, Saastha Kaavu Saastha, Nagaraja
363 Vilavancode Azhathankarai Pillayar Koil Kaavu, Pillayar
364 Vilavancode Chathancode Nagaramman Kaavu, Nagaraja, Naga Lekshi
365 Vilavancode Chattumukku Isakki Amman Koil Isakki Amman, Pillayar
366 Vilavancode Cheeri Naga Kaavu, Kattathurai Peedams and symbols
367 Vilavancode Chemariyankadu Bhagavathi Bhagavathi Ammam, Ayyappan,
368 Vilavancode Chempankulam Nagalekshi Kaavu, Naga Lekshi
369 Vilavancode Chempakperai Naga Kaavu Nagaraja, Ayyappan
370 Vilavancode Chekkarakulam Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja
371 Vilavancode Chittadavu Saastha Kaavu Single stone
372 Vilavancode Erithavoor Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja Lamping stone
373 Vilavancode Alampalai Kandan Saastha kaavu Saastha, Lekshi, stone
374 Vilavancode Kkkachal Nagar kaavu Nagaraja
375 Vilavancode Kallunatti Isakki Amman kaavu Isakki Amman
376 Vilavancode Kallupalam  Attor Seven Kanikal Lekshi
377 Vilavancode Kalikulam Veeyanoor, Saastha, Nagaraja
378 Vilavancode Kaliyal muttam kaavu, Kaliyal, Nagaraja, Lekshi
379 Vilavancode Kamukarai koil kaavu Nagaraja
380 Vilavancode Kamukarai Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja, Pillayar
381 Vilavancode Kanchirammoodu Isakki Amman Lekshi, Madan, Nagaraja
382 Vilavancode Kanchira Vilai Sasthankoil kaavu Poothatan
383 Vilavancode Kallavilai Saastha kaavu Nagaraja, Saastha, Pillayar
384 Vilavancode Kaavuthittai Naga kaavu Nagaraja
385 Vilavancode Karattankuli Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja
386 Vilavancode Karivilai Naga Lekshi kaavu Stone
387 Vilavancode Kaavuvilai Saasthan Koil kaavu Saastha, Poothattan
388 Vilavancode Kottavilai Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja, Stone
389 Vilavancode Kottakayam Saastha kaavu, Ayyappan, Nagaraja
390 Vilavancode Kunchuttu vilai Saastha kaavu Stone
391 Vilavancode Kuttanparai Unni Saasthakoil Unnisaastha, madan, Nagaraja
392 Vilavancode Kurumpatti Bhagavathi Amman Bhagavathi, Sivalingam, Madan
393 Vilavancode Kurichi vilai Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja, Madan
394 Vilavancode Keezhaveettu Vilai, Kannanagam Nagaraja
395 Vilavancode Madathu Vilagam Saastha kaavu Nagaraja
396 Vilavancode Mangad Saastha kaavu, Mangad Stone, Nagaraja
397 Vilavancode Maniyaravilai Kaavu, Vellancode Stone
398 Vilavancode Manchadi kaavu, Vaikalloor A symbol of tree worship
399 Vilavancode Mangalamcode kaavu Stone
400 Vilavancode Mangavilai Saastha Kaavu Nagaraja
401 Vilavancode Mampatathu Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja
402 Vilavancode Marapaady Saastha kaavu Stone, Nagaraja
403 Vilavancode Mavarathalavilai Nagar Kaavu, Nagaraja
404 Vilavancode Mazhukattu seven kannimar Seven kannikal, Naga Lekshi
405 Vilavancode Mazhuveeli vilai kaavu, Edaicode Stone, Nagaraja
406 Vilavancode Mailappakam Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja
407 Vilavancode Melathanakattu vilai kaavu Wild animals (Panther) Stone
408 Vilavancode Mempara Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja
409 Vilavancode Mungaparavilai Naaga Kaavu Nagaraja
410 Vilavancode Mukilankarai Naga Lekshi Kaavu Nagaraja, Lekshi
411 Vilavancode Muthalampalanchi Saastha Kaavu Stone, Nagaraja
412 Vilavancode Mutharamman Naga kaavu Naga Lekshi, Nagaraja
413 Vilavancode Naga Lekshi Kaavu, Attor Naga Lekshi, Nagaraja, Madan
414 Vilavancode Orunooram vayal Saastha kaavu Vanadevathai, Saastha, Stone
415 Vilavancode Narasimma madan Lekshiamma Lekshi
416 Vilavancode Naduvilai Kaavu, Kalpagathu Vilai Nagaraja, Stone, lamb stone
417 Vilavancode Palangonam Saastha kaavu Stone, Nagaraja
418 Vilavancode Pacchakaavu, Maruthanparai Vanadevatha, Devi, Pillayar
419 Vilavancode Padarnilam Saastha kaavu Nagaraja, Devi, Lekshi
420 Vilavancode Pammakulam Saastha kaavu Nagaraja
421 Vilavancode Panavilai Nagaraja Kaavu Nagaraja
422 Vilavancode Pinnacode Saastha kaavu Saastha, Nagaraja, Lekshi
423 Vilavancode Saasthan kulam Nagaraja kaavu Nagaraja
424 Vilavancode Sornacode Saastha Kaavu Saastha, Stone
425 Vilavancode Thalacode Naaga Kaavu Nagaraja
426 Vilavancode Thatchan vilai kaavu, Mathurgoom Saastha, Stone
427 Vilavancode Thekku Vilagam Nagaraja Kaavu Tree Worshiped
428 Vilavancode Thenguvilai Nagar Kaavu Nagaraja, Stone
429 Vilavancode Theckkuveedu vilai Naagar kaavu Nagaraja, Saastha
430 Vilavancode Thirunanthikarai Nantheeswarar Suyambulingam, Nandhi
431 Vilavancode Thirparappu Naagar Kaavu 3 Stones
432 Vilavancode Thirumanam Madathu Kaavu, Saastha,Pillayar, Nagaraja
433 Vilavancode Thittaigonam Nagar Kaavu Stone, Nagaraja
434 Vilavancode Uchimalai Saastha kaavu Lekshi, Saastha, Nagaraja
435 Vilavancode Valiyathottam Naga Kaavu, Stone Lamb, Nagaraja
436 Vilavancode Vattakota Saastha kaavu, Paloor Stone
437 Vilavancode Veezhacode Saastha kaavu Nagaraja
438 Vilavancode Vavara Puthan Veedu kaavu Nagaraja, Lamb Stone, Stone,
439 Vilavancode Vettuveni Sri Dharmasaastha Koil Ayyappan, Nagaraja Saastha
Karur District
440 Aravankuruchi Pavuthiram Kalaiyamman/ karupasway
441 Aravankuruchi Pavuthiram Ariyur karuppasway
442 Kadavur Kodangipatti Ayyanar
443 Kadavur Kodangipatti Periyasami
444 Karur Manmagalam Puthu Kaliamman
445 Karur Manmagalam Vanathuswamy
446 Karur Manmagalam Mariyamman
447 Karur Velayudham-palayam Balasubramania swami
448 Karur Velayudham-palayam Muniyappa
449 Karur Punjaipugalur Kandiyamman
450 Karur Palamalai Nallandamman
451 Karur Palamalai Balasubramania swami
452 Karur Pavithram Deventhira Lingeswaran
453 Karur Pavithram Marudhayayi / Malayayi
454 Karur Kodangipatti Kaliyamman
455 Karur Mayanur Mathukkarai Sellandiyamman
456 Karur Punnam Malayyayi
457 Karur Thanthontrimalai Maariyamman
458 Krishnarayapuram Mayanur Madhukkarai
459 Krishnarayapuram Vayalur Povaiyamman/ malayalaswami
460 Kulithalai Kavarapatti Kaliamma
461 Karur Thanthontrimalai Uranilaiyamman
462 Kulithalai Thinnerppalli Baghavathy amman
463 Karur Velayudhampalayam Ayyanar
464 Karur Kodangipatti Periyaswami
Krishnagiri District
465 Hosur Pikkanapalli Thirumathi Gangamma
466 Hosur Balakonraya Durgam Mariamman
467 Hosur Balakonraya Durgam Pondhal Vairappan
468 Krishnagiri Palayasayanapalli Mariamman
469 Krishnagiri Guruaparapalli Thenmalaisaaral
470 Uthangarai Kallavi Vediappan
471 Uthangarai Chenramalai Muniappan
472 Uthangarai Soolagiri Pattalamman
473 Potchampalli Panaiyerikodi Muneshwaran
474 Potchampalli Meenatchipuram Mariammankoil
475 Potchampalli Ammankoil Pathi Pattalamman
476 Potchampalli Potchampalli Murugankoil
477 Thenkanikottai Rathnagiri Anjaneyar
478 Thenkanikottai Periyakallupalli Jambedu Muniappan
479 Thenkanikottai Panjappalli Anjaneyar
480 Thenkanikottai Kundukottai Anjaneyar
481 Thenkanikottai Keel Pallam Muneshwaran
482 Thenkanikottai Vannathipatti Muthuraayan
483 Thenkanikottai Thenkanikottai Ellai Muniappan
484 Thenkanikottai Panaiyur Burgale Appan
Madurai District
485 Madurai north Pandikoil Pandimuniswarar
486 Madurai south Panaiyur Karrupaswami
487 Melur Pallappatti Pattathuarasi
488 Melur Pallappatti Sellandiamman
489 Melur Keeraipatti Aiyyanar
490 Melur Lakkaedipatti Perumal
491 Melur Ammankovilpatti Pattatharasiamman
492 Melur Pallappatti Veerappasami
493 Melur Valaicherripatti Karadikuttu Karuppannaswami
494 Melur Kottakudi Karkkudaiya Aiyyanar
495 Melur Padhinettamkudi Pattathuarasi
496 Melur Surakundu Munikovil
497 Melur Surakundu Karuppaswami
498 Melur Surakundu Aadakki
499 Melur Surakundu Aarasi
500 Melur Surakundu Aandiamman
501 Peraiyur Salisandai Pattaiyah
502 Peraiyur Salisandai Maduraiveeran
503 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Muniyandi
504 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Ayyanar
505 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Angala Easwari
506 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Padhinettampadi Karuppusami
507 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Sonai Karuppusami
508 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Kottai Karuppusami
509 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Ayyanar
510 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Kammakarai Ayyanar
511 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Valagurunathan
512 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Pattaraikalam Vinayagar
513 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Soorayi Amman
514 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Ayyanar
515 Thirumangalam Sathangudi Chandana Mari , Mupiddari
516 Usilampatti Nalludevanpatti Ayyanar
517 Usilampatti Nalludevanpatti Durgai
518 Usilampatti Karaiyampatti Kalani karuppu
519 Usilampatti Kovalan kanavai Pandi Muneeswaran
520 Usilampatti Karaampatti Samaya karuppu
521 Usilampatti Rajakapatti Peechi/ Viruman
522 Usilampatti Rajakapatti Kathandamman
523 Usilampatti Manoothu Pethannaswami
524 Usilampatti M.Palaipatti Eashwaran
525 Usilampatti Karampatti Karuppuswami
526 Usilampatti Karampatti Sellandamman
527 Usilampatti Karampatti Bahavathiamman
528 Usilampatti Erumarpatti Murugan
529 Usilampatti Erumarpatti Jakkamma
530 Usilampatti Rangasamipatti Seelakariamman
531 Vadipatti Kudladampatti Dhadakalachiyamman
532 Vadipatti Vadipatti Palaniyandavar
533 Vadipatti Thiruvedagam Aiyanar kovil
Nagapattinum District
534 Kivalur Chetticherry Pathiniamma
535 Kuttalam Kuttalam Aiyanar
536 Kuttalam Kokkur Aiyanar
537 Mailaduthurai Anniyur Ayyanar
538 Mailaduthurai Chavadi Ayyanar
539 Nagapattinam Achchakarai Ayyanaar
540 Nagapattinam Karuvelangadai Sri Asakandaveeran
541 Nagapattinam Magizhi Vaazhmuneeswaran
542 Nagapattinam Perungadambanoor Aaththangari swamy
543 Nagapattinam Sikkal Sri Vazhmuneeswaran
544 Nagapattinam Thirumanangudi Sakthiveeran
545 Nagapattinam Vadavoor Thenpathi SriKalungai muneeswaran
546 Nagapattinam Vadavur Poomalaikaaththa Ayyanaar
547 Nagapattinam Therkku Poigainallur Veerappaswamy
548 Sirkali Melaiyur Ayyanar
549 Sirkali Neidhavasal Ayyanar
550 Sirkali Perundhottam Ayyanar
551 Sirkali Tirukattupalli Supthamadha
552 Tharangapadi Tharangapadi Rekadevi
553 Vedaranyam Puttavanam/ poothakadu Poomalai aiyyanar
554 Vedaranyam Nagavathapadi Muneshwar
Namakkal District
555 Namakkal Vellakuzhi Periyasamy
556 Namakkal Koondur Nadu Ettukai amman
557 Namakkal Koondur Nadu Aarangathappan
558 Namakkal Nathukoozhi patti Mariamman
559 Namakkal Nathukoozhi patti Natchiappan
560 Namakkal Valappur Nadu Aattaiyar Chinnammal
561 Namakkal Arappalleeswarar Kovil Arappalleeswarar Thirukovil
562 Namakkal Melkalingam Aariyur Naadu Sola Muniyar Kovil
563 Namakkal Melkalingam Aariyur Naadu Mahaveerar Thirukovil
564 Namakkal Melkalingam Aariyur Naadu Ettukai Amman
565 Namakkal Cholakkadu Natciamman Kovil
566 Namakkal Valappur Naadu Arangathan kovil
567 Namakkal Veelaandoor Valappur Naadu Chinnamman Kovil
568 Namakkal PuduvalavuValappur Naadu Kosakkuli Pidari Amman  Pidari
569 Namakkal Selur NaaduVeeraganur Kongulaayi Amman
570 Namakkal Nariyankinaru  Thinnanur Naadu Sivan Kovil
571 Namakkal Karaiyangattupatti Kaliamman
572 Namakkal Solakadu Kannimar
573 Paramathi Vellore Agragaram Vinayagar
574 Paramathi Vellore Mohanoor Navaladiyaan
575 Paramathi Vellore Vadugapatti Vinayakar
576 Paramathi Vellore Oruvanthoor Anjaneyar
577 Paramathi Vellore Oruvanthoor Sellandiamman
578 Paramathi Vellore Moganoor Kaliamman
579 Paramathi Vellore Moganoor Bala Dandayuthapani
580 Paramathi Vellore Panapatru Easwaran and Perumal
581 Paramathi Vellore Panapatru Muneeswawaran
582 Paramathi Vellore Kunnipalayam Pennar Sankar
583 Paramathi Vellore Anaichampalayam Karuppaswamy
584 Paramathi Vellore Anaichampalayam Anjaneyar
585 Paramathi Vellore Anaichampalayam Easwaran
586 Paramathi Vellore Paramathi Vellore Singara Karuppan
587 Rasipuram Athanur Pachiyamman
588 Rasipuram Athanur Konginisithar thirukovil
589 Rasipuram Palapalayam Aaliya elangaiyamman
590 Rasipuram Ponparapatti Vediyappan /sivan
591 Rasipuram Semmantappatti /kanapalayam Mariyamman
592 Rasipuram Aalavaipatti Sri Balasubramaniya swami
593 Thirucenkodu Thiruchenkadu Angalamman
594 Thiruchenkodu Thiruchenkadu Satthai amman
595 Thiruchenkodu Thiruchenkadu Arthanatheshwaran
Perambalur District
596 Kunnam Kunnam Aayiravalli amman
597 Kunnam Kunnam Aiyanar
598 Kunnam Kilapuliyur Pachaiamman
599 Kunnam Asur Serakulathar
600 Kunnam Asur Selliamman
601 Kunnam Dhuninjapadi Aiyanar
602 Kunnam Phudur Pachaiyamman
603 Kunnam Phuthuvetakudi Karuppaiyah
604 Kunnam Kovilpalayam Aiyanar
605 Kunnam Karaipadi Semmalaiyappa
606 Kunnam Vailapadi Periyandavan
607 Kunnam Vailapadi Vaiyaikarai Andavar
608 Kunnam Olaipadi Kandamuthu Karuppaiyah
609 Kunnam Olaipadi Aiyanar
610 Kunnam Olaipadi Sadaiyappah
611 Kunnam Thondapadi Aiyanar
612 Kunnam Kottarai Periyaswami
613 Kunnam Kottarai Karuppaiyah
614 Kunnam Sathanur Karuppaiyah
615 Kunnam Kolakkanatham Pachayi
616 Kunnam Kolakkanatham Puliyadiyan
617 Kunnam Kulathur Thandavarayan
618 Kunnam Aiyialur Aiyyanar
619 Perambalur Sengunam Karuppanar
620 Perambalur Valikandapuram Perumal
621 Perambalur Valikandapuram Karuppannasamy
622 Perambalur Devayyur Aiyanar
623 Perambalur Erayyur Aiyanar
624 Perambalur Maravanatham Aiyanar
625 Perambalur Dhazhudalai Elagkaliamman
626 Perambalur Siruvachur Mathura Kaliamman
627 Perambalur Senjeri Neeliyamman and Selliamman
628 Perambalur Ammapalayam Palamalai
629 Perambalur Ammapalayam Andhaliyappan
630 Perambalur Malayalapatti Thumbaperumal
631 Perambalur Malayalapatti(Chinna Muttil) Kaliamman
632 Perambalur Varagur Natham Periyayi
633 Perambalur Pandagapadi Sadaiyappah
634 Perambalur Pandagapadi Aiyanar
635 Perambalur Pandagapadi Periyaswami
636 Perambalur Pandagapadi Chinnaiyah
637 Perambalur Siruvachur Periyasami
638 Veppanthattai Pimbalur Kamatchi
639 Veppanthattai Pandagapadi Ayyanar
640 Veppanthattai Malayalapatti Ilangkaliyamman
641 Veppanthattai Eraiyur Ayyanar
642 Veppanthattai Pimbalur Periyasami
643 Veppanthattai Pimbalur Selliyamman
Pudukottai District
644 Alangudi Karusakkaadu Karuppasamy
645 Alangudi Kaththakurichi Karuppar
646 Alangudi Veppangudi Murugan
647 Alangudi Kulavaipatti Semathu Muthu  muneeswaran
648 Alangudi Palavakkam Amman
649 Alangudi Palayavanam Amman
650 Alangudi Poovarasankudi Aiyanaar
651 Alangudi Vallthiraikottai Kuppachiamman
652 Alangudi Periyanayagipuram /Palavakkam Kaliamman
653 Alangudi Datchanapuram Karuppar
654 Alangudi Murukkapunjai /Avudaiyapatti Aiyyanar /muni
655 Aranthangi Palaivanam /kurumbur Kali
656 Aranthangi Kurumbur Kunjikovil
657 Aranthangi Kurumbur Nondimuni
658 Aranthangi Kathakurichi / Periyanayagipuram Aiyyanar
659 Aranthangi Periyanayagipuram Kombukkaran
660 Avudayyarkoil Avudayyarkoil Pallivinayagar
661 Avudayyarkoil Avudayyarkoil Ponnaduselli
662 Gandarvakottai Pudhupatti Perumal
663 Gandarvakottai Pudupatti (Vadakku) Muthumuniayya
664 Gandarvakottai Thoovaar Periyasamy
665 Illuppur Annavasal Urulikaruppar
666 Illupur Marudhandhalai Aiyanaar
667 Iluppur Keezhakuruchi Singampatti Aiyanar
668 Iluppur Perunchinai Aiyanaar
669 Karambakudi Karambakudi Karuppasamy (West)
670 Karambakudi Mazhaiyur Muneeswaran-Pidari
671 Kulathur Irumbaaly MottaiMuniyan
672 Kulathur Irumbaaly Sangilikaruppar
673 Kulathur Melur Thirumeninathar-Panchanathar
674 Kulathur Narthamalai Aiyanaar (East)
675 Kulathur Narthamalai Aiyanaar (North)
676 Kulathur Narthamalai Aiyyanaar (West)
677 Kulathur Siththannavasal Adaikalakaaththar
678 Kulathur Siththannavasal Ayyanar
679 Kulathur Siththannavasal Pidari
680 Kulattur Ilayavayal Dhannakonda Aiyanar
681 Manamelkudi Vadakkoor Amman koil
682 Manamelkudi Manamelkudi Karakottai muthmari
683 Ponnamaravadhi Edaiyathur Kaattu Aiyanaar
684 Ponnamaravadhi Edayanpatti Edayankaruppar (East)
685 Ponnamaravadhi Edayanpatti Edayankaruppar (West)
686 Ponnamaravadhi Nallur Rengamuniswaran
687 Ponnamaravadhi Navakudi Sri Azhaguthirumeni Aiyanaar
688 Ponnamaravadhi Navakudi Vilangu Karuppar
689 Ponnamaravadhi Navakudi Villiappa Aiyanaar
690 Ponnamaravadhi Sathanur Aiyanaar
691 Pudukottai Mettupatti Muneeswaran
692 Pudukottai Sevaganpatti Kali
693 Pudukottai Thirukokarnam Malayakaruppar
694 Thirumayam Ooraiyur Ayyanaar
695 Thirumayam Pulivalam Periya Ooraandi Karuppar
696 Thirumayam Vellipatti Madhukaattu Kali
697 Thirumeyam Aladi Karuppar
Ramanadapuram District
698 Kadaladi Kadaladi Dharma Sastha
699 Kamudhi Kottaimedu Kottaimuni
700 Kamudhi Peraiyyur Periyandavar
701 Mudhukulathur Mudhukulathur Pechiamman/ Veranar
702 Mudhukulathur Mudhukulathur Srirangaththu Darma
703 Mudhukulathur Meesal Amman
704 Mudhukulathur Thanjakkur Nondikaruppu
705 Mudhukulathur Thanjakkur Aiyyanar
706 Mudhukulathur Puliyankudi Korangan/ Dharma
707 Mudhukulathur Kakkur Madhana Pillaiyar
708 Mudhukulathur Prabukkalur Aiyyanar
709 Mudhukulathur Prabukkalur KadambavanaKali
710 Mudhukulathur Prabukkalur Muneeshwarar
711 Mudhukulathur Semponkudi Ariyanatchiyar
712 Mudhukulathur Semponkudi Kamatchiamman
713 Mudhukulathur Semponkudi Aiyyan/ Aiyyanar
714 Paramakudi Koothankulam Aiyyanar
715 Paramakudi Soodiyur Eirulappaswami
716 Paramakudi Vengaloor Salambarudaiya Aiyyanar
717 Paramakudi Parthibanoor Ariyaswami/ Pugaleeshwara Aiyyanar
718 Paramakudi Keelkavanur Aiyyan/Aiyyanar
719 Paramakudi Keelathoovalur Muniyappaswami
720 Paramakudi Melayakkudi Niraidhalamudaiya Aiyyanar
721 Paramakudi Kattuparamakudi Muthaiyah
722 Paramakudi Arasadivandal Arasadiyan/ Muneeshwaran
723 Paramakudi Arasadivandal Rakkatchi Amman
724 Paramakudi Chinnaakkamesi Karuppu
725 Paramakudi Akkaramesi Aiyyanar/ Karuppaswami
726 Paramakudi Paramakudi (Kakkathoppu) Karuppaswami/ Anchaneyar
727 Paramakudi Vadhavaneri Aiyyanar
728 Paramakudi Udaiyankudi / Moovalur Sri Bathrakali / Srilatheshwarar
729 Paramakudi Vayalur Sathaiyah / Darmamuneshwarar
730 Paramakudi Emaneshwaram Muniyappa
731 Paramakudi P.Elandhaikulam Aiyyanar
732 Paramakudi P.Elandhaikulam Muniyappa
733 Ramanathapuram Kariendhal Aiyyanar
734 Ramanathapuram Thoruvaloor Aiyyanar
735 Ramanathapuram Thoruvaloor Kaliamman/ Kadambudaiyan
736 Ramanathapuram Thoruvaloor Muneeshwarar
737 Ramanathapuram R.Kavanur Aiyynar/Aiyyan
738 Ramanathapuram R.Kavanur Amman
739 Thiruvadanai Madakottai Muneshwarar
740 Thiruvadanai Varavani Aiyyanar
Salem District
741 Athur Oothiyathur Kunvudaiyar
742 Athur Deviyakuruchi Iyyanar
743 Attur Vaddachennimali Murugan
744 Attur Thalavaipatti Murugan
745 Salem Nethimedu Perummal
746 Attur Atttur Ayyanur
747 Attur Attur Selliyamman
748 Attur Attur Karuppannan
749 Attur Attur Ayyanar and murugan
750 Attur Vaddachennimali Murugan
751 Attur Thalavaipatti Murugan
752 Edappadi Samuthiram Nannamma
753 Gangavalli Ulipuram /pudhur Samayapuram
754 Gangavalli Sengattu /Manmallai Eswaran
755 Gangavalli Sentharaipatti / Manmallai Marudhaveran
756 Mettur Kolathur Thottikinaru Ellai Mariamman
757 Mettur Kolathur Kodalangadu Karuppusamy
758 Mettur Kolathur Kodalangadu Muneshwaran
759 Mettur Masillapalayam Muneshwaran
760 Mettur Moolakkadu Mariamman
761 Mettur Bhoomanur Velankanni Madha
762 Mettur Bhoomanur Periyanayagi Madha
763 Mettur Kolathur Sendra Perumal Kovil
764 Mettur Dam Mettur Dam Muneshwaran
765 Omalur Jodukuli –  Kamaraj Nagar Pulisanthu Muniappan
766 Omalur Kamaraj Nagar Matheswaran
Omalur Moothanaickenpatti Muniappan
767 Omalur Madathoor Vairamuneshwaran
768 Omalur Chinnapuliyur Vedappan
769 Omalur Periyandachi Chinnappapatti Muneshwaran
770 Omalur Chinnappapatti Periyandachi
771 Omalur Vengaliyur Vinayakar
772 Omalur Puduppalayam Perumal
773 Salem K.R. Thoppu Kari Kaliamman
774 Salem Seataloor Sitheswaran
775 Salem Nethimedu Perummal
776 Salem Kammapatti Poderiaman
777 Salem Kosavapatti  /Sitharkovil Murugan
778 Salem Sitharkovil Sitharkovil
779 Sangiri Uthirakandamalai /Iyyappankarani Iyyappan
780 Valappadi Cheransavadi / Erikavur Seliyamman
781 Yercaud Yercaud Rama Lakshmanan
782 Yercaud Murugan nagar Murugan Nagammal
783 Yercaud Vazhavandhi Perumal
784 Yercaud Vazhavandhi Kari Ramar
785 Yercaud Vazhavandhi Athuvanam Sri Andiappa Samy
786 Yercaud Salapparai Muniappan
787 Yercuad Kiliyur Rajeswariyamman
788 Yercuad Ondikadai Kallimaratthan
789 Yercuad Yercaud Aundiyappan
Sivaganga District
790 Devakottai Ayyavayal Rajanageswari
791 Devakottai Ponnivayal Uchcha Kaanchari
792 Devakottai Ponnivayal Ayyanar
793 Devakottai Rajalivayal Dharmamuneeswaran
794 Devakottai Sadayangadu Kaattukaruppar
795 Devakottai Sri Sankarapathi Muneeswaran
796 Devakottai Thenneervayal Kanchirang Kaliamman
797 Devakottai Thenneervayal Muni I
798 Devakottai Thenneervayal Muni II
799 Ilaiyankudi Sathanur Sathaiyyanar/ sathiyya
800 Karaikudi Chinnavadakudipatti Muni
801 Karaikudi Chinnavadakudipatti Sri Maakaali
802 Karaikudi Kaanaadukaaththaan Ayyanaar
803 Karaikudi Kaanaadukaaththaan Periyakoil Aayiamman- Kannimma
804 Karaikudi Kaanaadukaaththaan Periyakoil Muni
805 Karaikudi Kaanaadukaaththaan Periyakoil Ponnai Azhagar
806 Karaikudi Kaanaadukaaththaan Periyakoil Varadharaja Perumal
807 Karaikudi Kaayapatti AdaikalamKaatha Ayyanaar
808 Karaikudi Kaayapatti Kammakaruppar
809 Karaikudi Kandanur Vaagai Karuppar
810 Karaikudi Nemaththampatti Muni
811 Karaikudi Soorakudi Karuppar
812 Karaikudi Soorakudi Pathrakali
813 Karaikudi Theththampatty Paramanur Kali
814 Karaikudi Vadakku Soorakudi Kottakara Kali
815 Karaikudi Vadakku Soorakudi Poosama Muneeswaran
816 Manamadurai Madapuram Kaliyamman
817 Sivaganga Thayamangalam Ayyanar
818 Sivaganga Nattarasankottai Sangiliamman
819 Tirupattur Tirupattur Dharma Sastha
Thanjavur District
820 Kumbakoam Manalur Kaligambal
821 Kumbakoam Thirunakeswaram Kitschy koil
822 Orathanadu Neyveli Vadavadhi Raavuthrappa
823 Orathanadu Neyveli Vadavadhi Kali
824 Orathanadu Neyveli Vadavadhi Karuppar
825 Orathanadu Neyveli Thenpathi Ayyanaar
826 Orathanadu Uranthiyayan Karuppar
827 Orathanadu Uranthiyayan Periyachi
828 Orathanadu Uranthiyayan Kali
829 Orathanadu Uranthiyayan Ayyanaar
830 Orathanadu Soorakottai Karuppa Ayyanaar
831 Orathanadu Soorakottai Paramanatha Ayyanaar
832 Orathanadu Thalavaypalayam Sanniyasiappan
833 Orathanadu Thalavaypalayam Pattavan
834 Orathanadu Thalavaypalayam Ayyanaar
835 Orathanadu Soorakottai Vembai Ayyanaar
836 Orathanadu Vannaankulam Muniyandavan
837 Papanasam Iluppakorai Torapathiamma
838 Papanasam Ullikadai Rasathi koil
839 Pattukottai Enathi Chelliamman
840 Pattukottai Pattukottai Nadiyamma koil
841 Pattukottai Aladikkumulai Aiyanar
842 Peravurani Peravurani Kaliamman
843 Peravurani Peravurani Viayagar
844 Peravurani Peravurani Perumal
845 Thanjavur Surakottai Paramanadha Aiyanar
846 Thanjavur Vallam Aiyanar
847 Thanjavur Tirumalai Samuthiram Murugan
848 Thanjavur Ammankulam Muniyaandeeswarn
849 Thanjavur Ammankulam Muthu Muniyandavan
850 Thanjavur Kandidhapattu Ayyanaar
851 Thanjavur Kulichapattu Kodaimugi Ayyanaar
852 Thanjavur Kulichapattu Muniyandavan
853 Thanjavur Kulichapattu Pidariamman
854 Thanjavur Kulichapattu Veeranar
855 Thiruvaiyaru Karuppur Pidariamman
856 Thiruvidaimarudur Kanjanur Pillayar koil
857 Kumbakonam Manalur Kalikambal
858 Thiruvidaimarudur Kanjanur Mariyamman
The Nilgiris District
859 Coonoor Ketti Vinayagar
860 Coonoor Aruvankadu Muniswarar
861 Gudalur Masinagudi Masiniamman
862 Gudalur Kankudi Shiva (Basavappa)
863 Gudalur Mavanahalla, Masanagudi Herostone(Panchapandava)
864 Kotagiri Banagudishola, Aravenu Herostone (Panch Pandava)
865 Kotagiri Sakatha Combai, Aravenu Herostone (Panch Pandava)
866 Kotagiri Sakatha Combai, Aravenu Amman
867 Kotagiri Betlada Shiva
868 Kotagiri Mullugoor Shivan
869 Kundha Mullugoor Shivan
870 Kundha Kil Kundha Arthanari
871 Ootacamund Kuruthukuli Muneeswarar
872 Ootacamund Governer Shola Muneeswarar
873 Ootacamund Parson’s Valley Muneeswarar
874 Ootacamund Devar Shola Pachaimarathu amman
875 Ootacamund Arukuchi Melur Vinayagar
876 Ootacamund Melur Shiva & Herostone
877 Ootacamund Manjacombai Nagadeva
878 Ootacamund Chamraj Muniswarar
879 Ootacamund Bengal Mattam Muniswarar
880 Ootacamund Mel Kundha Sivan (Hirodiha)
881 Ootacamund Ithalar Elakandi Muniswarar
882 Ootacamund Kernhill, Ooty Muniswarar
883 Ootacamund Doddabetta, Ooty Muniswarar
884 Ootacamund Vazhathottam Herostone (Pancha pandava)
885 Ootacamund Doddabetta Vinayagar
886 Ootacamund Pudumund Muniswarar
887 Ootacamund Kullatty checkpost Muniswarar
888 Ootacamund Bokkapuram Amman
889 Ootacamund Pardant valley,Christian Grace Vannatu Chinnappa
890 Ootacamund Devala, Athiyamanagar Ramar
891 Pandalur Devala, Athiyamanagar Ramar
Theni District
892 Aundipatti Theppampatti Velappar
893 Aundipatti Theppampatti Periyakaruppuswami
894 Aundipatti Theppampatti Angkalamman
895 Aundipatti Theppampatti Vira Chinnamma
896 Aundipatti Kanniyapatti Gopalswami
897 Aundipatti Pillaipatti Murariamman
898 Aundipatti Kadamalaikundu Aiyanar
899 Bodinayakanur Rasingapuram Ondiveerappasamy kovil
900 Periyakulam Devadhanapatti Kamatchi
901 Periyakulam Devadhanapatti Veerammal
902 Periyakulam Kallipatti Muthaiyahswami
903 Theni Alliagaram Veerappa Aiyanar
904 Uthamapalayam Seeppalakottai Kaliamman
905 Uthamapalayam Chinnamanur Hari Durgaiamman
906 Uthamapalayam Nagayagoundanpatti Chelliamman
907 Uthamapalayam Suruli Tirtham Bhoodhanarayanan
908 Uthamapalayam Suruli Tirtham Vinayaga temple
909 Uthamapalayam Suruli Tirtham Lakshmi temple
910 Uthamapalayam Suruli Tirtham Suruli Andavar
Thiruvallur District
911 Ambathur Puthur Pathamathamma kovil
912 Kummudipoondi Segarai Kattu selliamman
913 Kummudipoondi Old- Kummudipoondi Ellamman
914 Kummudipoondi Poodhur Sathambathammal
915 Kummudipoondi Old – Kumudipoondi Egavalliamman
916 Pallipattu Veeraganallur Padavettamman
917 Ponneri Gudhuvanchery Ellaiyammal kovil
918 Thiruthani Pudhuvallur Selliamman
919 Thiruthani Thirunindravur Siva
920 Thiruthani Poparanpakkam Thirobathai amman
921 Thiruthani Kollanoor Selliamman
922 Thiruthani Thiruthani kannikapuram Sabthakanni
923 Thiruthani Agoor Kanniamman
924 Thiruthani Vepakundapalayam Sri devi vengammal
925 Thiruthani Solingur-K.N Mottur Thiruvathamman
926 Thiruthani Veeranathur Gnanambigai
927 Thiruthani Thiruvalankadu Vadaranyeshwara swami
928 Thiruthani Thiruvalankadu Muktheshwarar
929 Thiruthani Karani- Nijampattu Kannikovil
930 Thiruthani Muthukondapuram Kakkathamman
931 Tiruvallur Pudhuvallur Chelliyamman kovil
932 Uthukottai Senchulakashmi Nagar Senchulakashmi
Tiruvannamalai District
933 Arani Munakkapattu Pachayyamman
934 Cheiyar Vazhapandhal Pachayyamman
935 Polur Amirthi (RF) Papathiamman
936 Polur Amirthi (RF) Perumal
937 Polur Balabirambattu (RF) Kanni
938 Chengam Puliyampatti Muniyappan
939 Chengam Puliyampatti Vediappar
940 Chengam Koodalur (RF) Mariamman
941 Chengam Aratavadi Vediappan
942 Chengam Koodalur (RF) Muneshwaran
943 Chengam Arratavadi Murugan
944 Chengam Koodalur (RF) Manickaraja
945 Chengam Kilerupakkam (RF) Muniyappa
946 Chengam Kilvanakkampadi (RF) Vediappan
947 Chengam Kilvanakkampadi (RF) Ammacharu
948 Chengam Ulagalapadi (RF) Puthumariamman
949 Chengam Seeniyampettai Vediyappar
950 Chengam Aruvagadu Muniyappa
951 Chengam Govindarajapuram Kattu Vinayagar
952 Chengam Pachal Mariamman
953 Chengam Melapunjai Kanni (Sunai)
954 Chengam Melapunjai Siva Sakthi
955 Chengam Melapunjai Sakthiamman
956 Chengam Bemanandhal Vediappan
957 Thanrampattu Sepapattu Muniyappan
958 Thanrampattu Chinniyampettai (RF) Aavaragal Muneshwaran
959 Thanrampattu Udaiyarkuppam Muneshwaran
960 Thanrampattu Aathipadi (RF) Athiramar
961 Thanrampattu Aathipadi Kariramar
962 Thanrampattu Puliyampatti (Chekkadipudur) Ramar kovil
963 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Lakshmana perumal
964 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Kariyaraman and Eliyaraman
965 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Vediyappar
966 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Veerathammal
967 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Veerathammal
968 Thanrampattu Chekkadipudur Veerathammal Temple
969 Thanrampattu Simiyampattu Muneshwaran
970 Tiruvannamalai Azhaganandhal Thiruvathamman
971 Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai Kattu Siva
972 Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai Vediyappan
973 Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai ,(Adiannamalai) Kanniamman
974 Tiruvannamalai Pavupattu Kannamadi Aiyanar
975 Tiruvannamalai Elikuthi Elikuthi Aiyanar
976 Tiruvannamalai Pavupattu Sivalingam
977 Tiruvannamalai Agaram Aiyanarappan
978 Vandhavasi Melsathamangalam Parasakthi
Thiruvarur District
979 Kudavasal Mayaladi Kaluvarayar,Kangeyatha Aiyanar
980 Kudavasal Vesalur Aiyanar
981 Kudavasal Kudavasal Vazhiadi Aiyanar
982 Kudavasal Moolangudi Aiyanar
983 Kudavasal Moolangudi Ponniamman (Sapthakanni)
984 Kudavasal Vembanur Vembaiyyanar
985 Kudavasal Kudavasal Ayyanar
986 Mannargudi Panayakottai Prasanda ayyanar kovil
987 Mannargudi Sadayar kovil Pazhankulathu ayyanar kovil
988 Nannilam Vadaver Aiyanar
989 Nannilam Veerakkan (Keelkudi) Kathayi
990 Nannilam Srivanjiyam Manikka Natchiyar
991 Needamangalam Ammapettai Aiyanar
992 Thiruthuraipoondi Thillaivilagam Thurai thoppu Periya Aiyanar
993 Thiruthuraipoondi Karpaganathapuram Nallamanickam
994 Thiruthuraipoondi Jampuvanodai (Valankadu ) Aiyanar
995 Muthupet Aalangadu Aiyanar
996 Valangaiman Athichamagalam Aiyyanar
Tirunelveli District
997 Alangulam Alangulam SriRamar Thiruppathi
998 Alangulam Alangulam Ramar
999 Alangulam Andipatti(Subramaniyapuram) Anaimalai Aiyyanar/ AnaimelAiyyanar
1000 Alangulam Alangulam Mailai Sastha
1001 Alangulam Kurippankulam Esakkiamman/ Sastha
1002 Alangulam Kurippankulam Karukkuvel Aiyyanar/
1003 Alangulam Kuruvankottai Nagaperiyaval Amman
1004 Alangulam Kuruvankottai Karukkuvel Aiyyanar
1005 Alangulam Kuruvankottai Sorimuththu Aiyyanar
1006 Alangulam Alangulam Suyambulinga Sastha
1007 Ambasamuthram Papanasam Sorimuthu
1008 Ambasamuthram Papanasam Thiruneelaganda Vanapechi
1009 Ambasamuthram Papanasam (Melanai) Kattukkarumandi Amman
1010 Ambasamuthram Papanasam Kattukkarumandi Amman
1011 Ambasamuthram Papanasam (Karaiyar) VarasiththiAmman/ PechiAmman
1012 Ambasamuthram Papanasam (Agasthiyar Falls) Sivan
1013 Nanguneri Thirukkurungudi Sodalamadaswami
1014 Nanguneri Thirukkurungudi Thirumalai nambi
1015 Nanguneri Thirukkurungudi Karungavudaiyar Sastha
1016 Palayamkottai Seevalaperi Sudalaimadan
1017 Palayyankottai Vannarapet Pechchiyamman
1018 Palayyankottai Megalingapuram Sastha
1019 Radhapuram Vallioor Vinayagar
1020 Radhapuram Thulukkapatti Sudalamadaswami
1021 Radhapuram Udhayathur Sivakaimuthumari
1022 Sankarankovil Punnaiyapuram Thiruvetta Aiyyanar
1023 Sankarankovil Punnaiyapuram Madaswami
1024 Sankarankovil Punnaiyapuram Karpaganatchiyar Amman
1025 Sankarankovil Punnaiyapuram Pattaraiyan
1026 Sankarankovil Nagaram Thikkalvaimozhi Aiyyanar
1027 Sankarankovil Eirumankulam Marudhudaiaya Aiyyanar
1028 Sankarankovil Veeriruppu Bhudha Temple
1029 Sengottai Therkkupatti Muppudathai amman
1030 Sivagiri Sivariti Thirobathaiamma
1031 Thenkasi Kurippankulam Sorikuthi Ayyanar
1032 Thenkasi Courtallam Aiyanar sastha
1033 Tirunelveli Abishegapatti Ettambadi Karuppaswami
1034 Tirunelveli Abishekapuram Ayyanar and Karuppu
1035 Veerakeralamputhur Uthamalai Chimahaliamma
Thiruppur District
1036 Avinashi Karuvarur Mariamman
1037 Dharapuram Putherisal Soleshwar
1038 Dharapuram Agilandapuram Madaiyakaddu  iyyan
1039 Dharapuram Valiyapalayam Karuppurayan
1040 Kangayam Velampalayam Karia Kaali Amman
1041 Kangayam Paranchervali Karia Kaali Amman
1042 Kangeyam Sennimalai Mururgan
1043 Kangeyam Vaipadi Periyasami
1044 Kangeyam Vaipadi Thoppukarupusami
1045 Kangeyam Sivanmalai Subramanisami
1046 Kangeyam Kadaiur Kaddaieswaran
1047 Madathikulam Amaravathi Nagar Murugan
1048 Madathikulam Amaravathi Nagar Kannimar
1049 Madathikulam Amaravathi Nagar Sidhivinayagar
1050 Madathikulam Karattupathi Mariamman
1051 Madathikulam Karattupathi Varatupochiamman
1052 Madathikulam Poochimedu Kaliamman
1053 Madathikulam Velanthurai Vanadevadhai
1054 Madathikulam Karattupathi Malaipidari
1055 Palladam Palladam Maha muneshwarar
1056 Palladam Palladam Mariyamman
1057 Udumalpet Tirumurthimalai Aamalingeswarar
1058 Udumalpet Tirumurthimalai Amman
1059 Udumalpet Tirumurthimalai Vira Thirmala Devi
1060 Udumalpet Tirumurthimalai HaygirvaVaradharaja Perumal
1061 Udumalpet Tirumurthimalai Gayathri
1062 Udumalpet Kandoor Kaalvai Alamarathu kannis
1063 Udumalpet Thaligramam Alandhuraiamman
Thiruchirappalli District
1064 Lalgudi Anbil Aachayi Amman
1065 Lalgudi Kannakudi Sapthakanni
1066 Lalgudi V. Kudalur Aladiyyan
1067 Lalgudi V. Kudalur Adaikalamkatha Karuppaswami
1068 Lalgudi V. Kudalur Aiyyanar
1069 Lalgudi Sangenthy Valigonda Easwari
1070 Lalgudi Sangenthy Vali Periyanagai Ammal
1071 Lalgudi Kallagam Vinayagar
1072 Lalgudi Kallagam Aiyyanar
1073 Lalgudi Idaiyatru Mangalam Pungavukudichi Amman
1074 Lalgudi Mandhurai Karuppaswami
1075 Lalgudi Kilikoodu Arasalathayi Amman
1076 Lalgudi Kilikoodu Samathi
1077 Manachanallur Sirukambur Ilamandiya Amman
1078 Manachanallur Vaththalai Aiyanar
1079 Manapparai Kannoothu Kanni Amman
1080 Manapparai Kannoothu Poovanandi
1081 Musiri Gunaseelam Pidari Amman
1082 Musiri Evoor Kamugandi
1083 Musiri Peramoor Pidari / Elayayi
1084 Thottiyam Thottiyam Madurakaliamman
1085 Srirangam Srirangam Iraniyayi
1086 Srirangam Kukoor (kolldam) Mongladiyan
1087 Srirangam Kukoor (kolldam) Pechiyayi
1088 Srirangam Kukoor (kolldam) Poothi Karuppu
1089 Thiruverumbur Thiruverumbur Amman
1090 Thiruverumbur Thuvakkudi Karuppu koil
1091 Thiruverumbur Thuvakkudi- NIT Vinayakar
1092 Thuraiyur Sophanapuram Karuppanna Swami
1093 Thuraiyur Sophanapuram Mariyayi
1094 Thuraiyur Sophanapuram Poonjolai Amman
1095 Thuraiyur Sophanapuram Murugan
1096 Thuraiyur Thenpuranadu Mavidaiyan
1097 Thuraiyur Kanappadi Thottikal Karuppasami
1098 Thuraiyur Kanappadi Komudaiyan
1099 Thuraiyur Kanappadi Periyaswami
1100 Thuraiyur Puliyancholai Kuravayi Amman
1101 Thuraiyur Puliyancholai Mariyamman
1102 Thuraiyur Puliyancholai Arangathappan
1103 Thuraiyur Puliyancholai Kattu siva
1104 Thuraiyur Puliyancholai , (Kallathu Kombai) Masi Periyanna Swami
1105 Thuraiyur Thuraiyur Nallakavathayi
1106 Thuraiyur Thuraiyur Angalamman / Angayi
1107 Thuraiyur Thuraiyur Aathinathar Aiyyanar
Tuticorin  District
1108 Ettayapuram Ettayapuram Kaliamman
1109 Ettayapuram Ettayapuram Ulagamman temple
1110 Kovilpatti Eral Serman
1111 Kovilpatti Pottalurai Karuppurswami
1112 Ottapidaram Muramban Amman koil
1113 Sathankulam Pannamparai Maruthamalai sastha Ayyanar
1114 Srivaikundam Manakarai Pungamudaiyar
1115 Srivaikundam Miyampalli Sastha
1116 Srivaikundam Vallanadu Sudalaiswami
1117 Srivaikundam Pakkavatti Uchikaliamman
1118 Srivaikundam Alukudi Sasthan
1119 Srivaikundam Pondhampalli Sudalaiswami
1120 Srivaikundam Muthalankuruchi Sastha
1121 Srivaikundam Muthalankuruchi Pechiyamman
1122 Srivaikundam Vasavapuram Sastha
1123 Srivaikundam Vasavapuram Ammankoil
1124 Srivaikundam Murappanadu Sivankovil
1125 Thoothukudi Thoothukudi Santhana Muthu mariyamman
1126 Thoothukudi Sivathaiyapuram Muthumalai amma
1127 Tiruchendhur Neivilai Panaiyadiyan swami
1128 Tiruchendhur Neivilai Vana Tirupathi
1129 Tiruchendhur Nalumavadi Isakkimman
1130 Tiruchendhur Nalumavadi Padhakaraiswami
1131 Tiruchendhur Sethukkuvaithan Suludaiya Aiyanar
1132 Tiruchendhur Sethukkuvaithan Sudalaimadan
1133 Tiruchenthur Melapudukudi Arunjunaikatha Aiyanar
1134 Tiruchenthur Manakarai Azhakar Sastha
1135 Tiruchenthur Nalumavadi Pookariammai
1136 Vilathikulam Nagalapuram Nagalamman
Vellore District
1137 Vilathykulam Chinnayapuram Vinayagar
1138 Ambur Ambur Periya Anjaneyar
1139 Arakkoam Arakkoam Sanineela Devi
1140 Arcot Arcot Bharathwaj Ishwar
1141 Gudiyatham Gudiyatham Arulambigaiamman
1142 Katpadi Vallimalai Nagammal
1143 Katpadi Vallimalai Arulmigu South Venkatachalapathy
1144 Katpadi Thuthithangal Chendrasamy kovil
1145 Tiruppathur Tiruppathur Poniamman
1146 Vaniyambadi Pethoor Shri Theertha Easwarar
1147 Vaniyambadi Kavaloor Kaaliyamman
1148 Vaniyambadi Avaramkuppam Prasena Venkatesa Perumal
1149 Vellore Ameerthi Perumalkoil
1150 Vellore Ameerthi Venkapaarai Dananjayamman
1151 Vellore Balamathi Murugankoil Nagammal
1152 Vellore Pallikonda  Vithagiri Vinayagar
1153 Vellore Pallikonda Kanthaneri Selliammankoil
1154 Vellore Karadikudi Shri Ramaveera Anjayneyar koil
1155 Vellore Karadikudi Muneshwaran
1156 Vellore Theertham Kaliamman
1157 Vellore Theertham Vinayagar
1158 Vellore Mel Arasampattu,Bomman Santhu Kaliamman
1159 Vellore Mel ArasampattuMangalamedu Mariamman, kaliyamman
1160 Vellore Madayapattu Maliamman
1161 Vellore Amirthi Vedappar Vedappar
Vellore Kattipattu,Thenthoor Vellandiappan
1162 Vellore Korathur Perumal
1163 Vellore Kattipattu Kaliamman
1164 Vellore Kaavalur Bala Murugan
1165 Vellore Periamaryoor Mariamman
1166 Vellore Kattipattu  Vazhisamy Vazhisamy
1167 Walajapet Ozhugur Kanni kovil
1168 Walajapet Vangur Throupathiyamman kovil
Villupuram Distrct
1169 Gingee Anamangalam Aiyaar
1170 Chinnasalem Siruvathur Ayyanur
1171 Kallakurichi Veeracholapuram Aiyyanar
1172 Kallakurichi Veerapayangaram Veerangi Aiyanar
1173 Kallakurichi Vellimalai Velleshwaran/ Kaliamman solai
1174 Kallakurichi Vellimalai Settumalai karuppu
1175 Kallakurichi Vellimalai Muniyappah
1176 Kallakurichi Vellimalai Murugan
1177 Kallakurichi Kattuvalavu /Navambattu Thailamma
1178 Kallakurichi Kallantham Komathuran
1179 Kallakurichi Thazhvellaru Muniyappah
1180 Kallakurichi Sinnaselam Aiyanar, Mariamman
1181 Kallakurichi Valakapattu Muniyappah
1182 Kallakurichi Kallakurichi Kullakaruppan
1183 Kallakurichi Thiyagapadi Mariyamman and ayyanar
1184 Sangarapuram Ariyaperumanur Aiyyanar
1185 Sangarapuram Moorarpalayam Aiyyanar
1186 Sangarapuram Paramanatham Aiyyanar
1187 Sangarapuram Pichanatham Muniyappah/ Aiyyanar
1188 Thirukovilur Karanai Aiyyanar
1189 Thirukovilur Thimmachur Karupan
1190 Thirukovilur Perichanur Aiyyanar
1191 Thirukovilur Veeracholapuram Pachaivazhi amman
1192 Tindivanam Keezhpett Aiyanar
1193 Tindivanam Aathikuppam Mathuraiveeran
1194 Tindivanam Keezhputhupet Aiyanar
1195 Tindivanam Oorani Celliamman
1196 Tindivanam Alapakkam Muthalamman
1197 Ulundhurpet A.Kumaramangalam Aiyanar
1198 Ulundhurpet Kanaiyar Aiyanar
1199 Ulundhurpet Vellaiyur Aiyanar
1200 Ulundhurpet Kanaiyar Thadikaran
1201 Ulundhurpet Konalavadi Pachathal
1202 Ulundhurpet Pali Nathanar
1203 Ulundhurpet Sheiak Husainpet Karuppaswamy
1204 Ulundhurpet Aasanur Periyayi
1205 Ulundhurpet Aasanur Oorali Aiyanar
1206 Ulundhurpet Thoppaiyankulam Muthu Munishwarar
1207 Vanur Periyamudhali chavadi Aiyanar
1208 Vanur Komutichavadi Veeran
1209 Vanur Nagari Aiyanar
1210 Vanur Thiruchitrambalam Aiyanar
1211 Vanur Periyapattanur Aiyanar
1212 Vanur Periyapattanur Poraiyathal
1213 Vanur Irumbai Aiyanar
1214 Vanur Irumbai Velayappar
1215 Vanur Poothurai Mathurai  Veeran
1216 Vanur Poothurai Aiyanar
1217 Vanur Poothurai Aiyanar
1218 Vanur Manaveli  (Poothurai) Aiyanar
1219 Vanur Perambai Aiyanar
1220 Vanur Pakkiripalayam Aiyanar
1221 Vanur Thiruvakarai Aiyanar
1222 Vanur Eraiyur Aiyanar
1223 Vanur Kodukur Aiyanar
1224 Vanur Mathuraipakkam Aiyanar
1225 Vanur Kadagambattu Aiyanar
1226 Vanur Radhapuram Aiyanar
1227 Villupuram Bommaiyarpalayam Aiyanar
1228 Villupuram Pannaikuppam Aiyanar
1229 Villupuram Chinnababu Samuthiram Aiyanar
1230 Villupuram Periyababu  Samuthiram Aiyanar
1231 Villupuram Kalithirambattu Aiyanar
1232 Villupuram Muthaliyarkuppam Aiyanar
1233 Villupuram Kumalam Aiyanar
1234 Villupuram Alamarathukuppam Aiyanar
1235 Villupuram Kalingamalai Aiyanar
1236 Villupuram Poovarasankuppam Aiyanar
1237 Villupuram Kanchanoor Aiyanar
1238 Villupuram Veliyenthal Aiyanar
1239 Villupuram Palliputhupattu Aiyanar
1240 Villupuram Mittamandagapattu Aiyanar
1241 Villupuram Pakkkam Papara Aiyanar
1242 Villupuram Pakkam Periya Aiyanar
1243 Villupuram Pakkam Chinna Aiyanar
1244 Villupuram Moonkilpattu Aiyyanar
1245 Villupuram Vellaripattu Hariharaputhira aiyyanar
Virudhunagar District
1246 Aruppukottai Aruppukottai Kukuram pillaiyar
1247 Arupukkottai Kalloorani Muniyappaswami
1248 Arupukkottai Kalloorani Siva
1249 Kariapatti Illuppaikulam Aiyanar
1250 Kariapatti Illuppaikulam Thiruvettai Aiyanar
1251 Rajapalayam Devadhanam Sastha
1252 Rajapalayam Devadhanam (Mugaiyur) Puthudai Karuppaswami
1253 Rajapalayam Devadhanam (Mugaiyur) KaliAmman
1254 Rajapalayam Sethur Aathiputthirakonda Aiyyanar
1255 Rajapalayam Sethur Ponmadaswami
1256 Rajapalayam Krishnapuram Neerkatha Aiyyanar
1257 Rajapalayam Krishnapuram Vengalavedi Eirulappaswami
1258 Rajapalayam Krishnapuram Srivalakkattu Karuppaswami
1259 Sathur Vannimadai/ Mayurnathapuram Sakthi Vinayagar
1260 Sathur Mettamalai Sellayiramma koil
1261 Sathur Allampatti Karkkul Aiyanar
1262 Sivakasi Vilampatti Kaliyamman
1263 Sivakasi Vilampatti Arujaai Katha Aiyanar
1264 Sivakasi Sivakasi Jakkammal koil
1265 Srivilliputhur Senbagathoppu Karuppaswami
1266 Srivilliputhur Senbagathoppu KattuKallazhagar
1267 Srivilliputhur Senbagathoppu Kilaviaththal
1268 Srivilliputhur Senbagathoppu Nagamman
1269 Srivilliputhur Way to Senbagathoppu Karuppaswami
1270 Srivilliputhur Andalnandhavanam Thirumalainattu Aiyyanar
1271 Tiruchuli Mankulam Mariyamma
1272 Tiruchuli Mankulam Poomalatha amman
1273 Virudhunagar Virudhunagar (near collectorate) Karuppaswami kol
1274 Virudhunagar Krishnapuram Thimmal temple
1275 Virudhunagar Puthur Adaikalamkattha Aiyanar

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