Ugratara Temple


Ugratara Temple is an important Shakti shrine, located in the eastern part of the Guwahati city, in Uzan Bazaar. The temple serves as an important pilgrimage center of the state and attracts tourists from far and wide.

The present temple of Ugratara was built by Ahom King Siva Singh in 1725 AD. The Ahom King also excavated a tank. This tank , known as Jur Pukhuri () is situated on the eastern side of the temple. The tank still exists in the same place, though a part of it was destroyed by an earthquake which was later rebuilt.

Goddess Ugra Tara is the residing deity of this temple, who is considered to be another form of Parvati. According to a popular legend, this temple has been constructed on the same spot where the navel of Sati fell. In the garbhagriha of Ugra Tara there is no image or idol of her. A small pit filled with water is considered as the Goddess. There is a Shivalaya besides this temple and a pond behind both temples.

The other legend related to this temple states that the temple has connection with Buddhism. In addition, it is also related to Eka Jata and Tiksna Kanta of the Buddhist pantheon.

Kalika purana describes a Shakti peetha called Dikkara vasini. Dikkara vasini has two forms, Tikshna kantha and Lalitha kantha. Tikshna kantha is black and pot bellied, also called as Ugra Tara or Eka jata. Lalitha kantha is gracefully attractive, also called as Tamreshwari.

Sthala Purana

Once upon a time, Yama (Lord of the Hell) made a complaint to Brahma that nobody is coming to the Hell from Kamarupa because of the sacredness of the area, despite of doing sins. Brahma carried this complaint to Vishnu. Vishnu took them to Shiva. Lord Shiva ordered Goddess Ugra Tara to drive away all the people who are living in Kamakhya. She sent her army.

In the course of this drive, they laid their hands on Rishi Vasishtha who was meditating on Shiva at Sandhyachal. Vasishtha became angry and cursed Ugra Tara and Shiva. From then onwards all the Vedic (Shiva) sadhanas are given up in Kama rupa and Ugra Tara became a Goddess of Vamachara sadhana. All her army became Mlechhas.

Navratri is the main festival celebrated in this temple. During this festival, devotees from across the country visit to offer prayers and seek blessings of the Mother. An important ritual that can be witnessed during the festival is the sacrifice of animals like bulls, wild boars, goats and buffaloes. Another ritual linked to this temple includes offering one’s own blood to the Mother. However, the females of all the species are exempted from this sacrifice.





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