Blackbuck Antelope

Blackbuck Antelope

Scientific Name:Antilope cervicapra Linn.
Common Name: Blackbuck antelope, Kala Hiran (Hindi), Moorukku maan (Tamil), Ena (Sanskrit)
Distribution: Plains of India
IUCN Conservation Status: Near Threatened (NT)

    In Religion and Mythology​


    Vayu , the Hindu God of wind has an antelope as his vahana . Its ability to run swiftly has probably led to this association with the wind God.The animal is also the vahana of Chandra , the Hindu moon-God.

    The blackbuck is held sacred by the Bishnoi tribes of Rajasthan. They consider it a sin to kill these animals. Many men of the sect have died protecting these and women have even breast-fed the antelopes.

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