Ganeshpuri is a small village about 80km north of Mumbai. It was home to Bhagavan Nityananda from 1936 until he left his body in 1961. His samadhi shrine is now a focal part of the village and draws many pilgrims each year, especially at Guru Purnima.

Twenty eight Kilometres from Virar this holy place is known and famous for one more attraction it has which is a Natural hot water springs. Two such springs which are open to public are within temple premises. This is one of the very oldest temples near Mumbai and is said that spiritual personality people like Sai Baba has also visited here.

Saint Nityananda Baba 

Nityananda was a saint and is referred to as Baba in Hindi. Till 1936 he use to stay at Vajreshwari and then moved to this nearest village of Ganeshpuri which has these Hot springs. Early morning he use to take bath in natural hot water springs around village and then use to meditate at near island area of Bhimeshwar mahadev around flowing river. He built this kund (Hot water springs) and asked villagers to take regular bath as it was sacred. He took Samadhi (Meditative consciousness) here, in the 1960s.





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