Sacred Groves in Goa


Sacred Grove at Mharinganachi Rai


In Goa, sacred groves are known by various names such as Devrai, Devran or Pann. The best preserved sacred groves of Goa are situated in Keri village of Sattari.

90 sacred groves have been documented in the state. Durgah and Rashtroli are the deities to which the sacred groves are dedicated in Goa.

Panels of village deities are lying inside Nirankarachi Rai

Ceylon Oak, Red silk cotton tree and Pipal tree are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves.

The tribes of Goa – Gavda, Kunbi, Velip and Dhangar-gouli – worship various forms of nature. They maintain the tradition of sacred cows, sacred goats, sacred banyan trees, sacred hills, sacred stones, sacred ponds and also sacred groves. A unique feature is the offering of terracotta animals in the groves.

Paikapann of Saturli

List of Sacred Groves in Goa

S.No. Name of the Grove Village Name Taluk
Devachi Rai Ibrampur Pernem
Devachi Rai of Hankhane Ibrampur Pernem
Rashtrolyachi Rai of Tembwada Hankhane Ibrampur Pernem
Pirapeth of Angodwada Ibrampur Pernem
Devachi Rai Varconda Pernem
Nagardeshwar Virnoda Pernem
Zalmyachi Rai Paliem Pernem
Devachi Rai Cudnem Bicholim
Barazan Cudchirem Bicholim
Sidhdachi Rai of Vadaval Latambarcem Bicholim
Barazan Mencurem Bicholim
Dad Devachi Rai Mulgao Bicholim
Saterichi Rai Sarvona Bicholim
Nirankaryachi Rai of Vathadev Sarvona Bicholim
Kontinchya Ajyachi Rai Surla Bicholim
Pach Amyachi Rai Ambeli Sattari
Devachi Rai Anjunem Sattari
Devachi Rai Birondem Sattari
Devachi Rai Buimpal Sattari
Ajobachi Tali Carambolim Brahma Sattari
Devachi Rai Carambolim Buzruco Sattari
Holiyechi Rai Caranzol Sattari
Karalyachi Rai Caranzol Sattari
Devachi Rai Choraundem Sattari
Devacho Hudo Codal Sattari
Poshyachi Rai Codvol Sattari
Devachi Rai Compordem Sattari
Devachi Rai Cudcem Sattari
Devachi Rai Dabem Sattari
Nirankarachi Rai Dabem Sattari
Dhoopachi Rai Derodem Sattari
Sidhdachi Rai Golauli Sattari
Devachi Rai Gonteli Sattari
Devachi Rai Gululem Sattari
Mharinganachi Rai Ivrem Buzruco Sattari
Nirankaryachi Rai Maloli Sattari
Devachi Rai Mauzi Sattari
Sidhdachi Rai Morlem Sattari
Ghotgachi Rai Morlem Sattari
Devachi Rai Naguem Sattari
Vandevatechi Rai Naneli Sattari
Devachi Rai Nanorem Sattari
Devachi Rai Pale Sattari
Mharinganachi Rai Pissurlem Sattari
Pezali Devichi Rai Pissurlem Sattari
Devachi Rai Ponsuli Sattari
Devachi Rai Poriem Sattari
Devachi Rai Quelaudem Sattari
Ajobachi Rai Querim Sattari
Pishachi Rai Querim Sattari
Maulichi Rai of Vagheri Querim Sattari
Baldyachi Rai Querim Sattari
Comachi Rai Querim Sattari
Bheryachi Rai Rivem Sattari
Sidhdachi Rai Saleli Sattari
Thevanyachi Rai Saleli Sattari
Devachi Rai Satrem Sattari
Devachi Rai Surla Sattari
Zunya Gaokadchi Rai Surla Sattari
Pach Amyachi Rai Surla Sattari
Devachi Rai Xelopo Buzruco Sattari
Devachi Rai Xelopo Curdo Sattari
Devachi Rai Zarani Sattari
Devachi Rai Zormen Sattari
Paika Pann Bati Sanguem
Paika Pann Cumbari Sanguem
Paika Pann Khachkon Molem Sanguem
Paika Pann Naiquinim Sanguem
Paika Pann Netorli Sanguem
Devachi Rai of Brahmani Maya Surla Sanguem
Paika Pann Tudou Sanguem
Bhui Pann Verlem Sanguem
Jaita Pann of Salgini Verlem Sanguem
Devadongor Rivona Sanguem
Vaghrya Pann Rivona Sanguem
Paika Pann Morpilla Quepem
Paika Pann Cazur Quepem
Betala Pann Barcem Quepem
Vaghrya Pann Barcem Quepem
Gadgya Pann Barcem Quepem
Shiva Pann Barcem Quepem
Sidhda maddi Barcem Quepem
Devi Pann Barcem Quepem
Mahadeva Pann Barcem Quepem
Durgadevi Pann Barcem Quepem
Devati Pann Bendordem Quepem
Paika Pann Mangal Quepem
Partagal Poinguinim Canacona
Nasa Pann Gaodongarim Canacona
Avali Dano Cotigao Canacona
Kuske Dano Cotigao Canacona
Badde Dano Cotigao Canacona
Paika Pann Tudal Canacona


Source:  Rajendra Kerkar – Sacred Groves in Goa

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