The town of Goindwal on the banks of the river Beas in Taran Taran district holds immense significance in reference to the Sikh religious pilgrimage sites. The town lies south east of Amritsar and only thirty Kilometres away from the city. The Goindwal town boasts of some of the important Gurudwaras and among them the Goindwal Sahib is one of the greatest. The Goindwal Sahib Gurudwara in Punjab is the pride of the state and it is a major pilgrimage and tourist attraction.

In the 16th century it became an important center for the Sikh religion during the Guruship of the Guru Amar Das.

Guru Amar Das (the third Guru or the third Nanak) stayed in Goindwal for 33 years where he established a new centre for preaching Sikhism. A Baoli (stepwell), paved with 84 steps was constructed there. Some devout believe that by reciting Japji Sahib, the divine Word revealed to Guru Nanak Dev at each of the 84 steps after taking a bath in the Baoli provides Moksha, liberation from 84,00,000 cycles of life of this world and unity with God (mukhti). Goindval is where Guru Amar Das met Guru Ram Das, the next Guru. Guru Arjan Dev was also born there on 15 April 1563. It is called axis of Sikhism as it was the first center of Sikhism.

Today the Gurdwara and Goindwal Baoli is visited as a prime tourist destination and the massive langar or the community kitchen provides food to a large number of visitors every day.

Gurudwara of Govindval has significance for Hindu followers as well, who come here in hordes to pay tribute to the divine saints. The Langar (pious meal) of this gurudwara is huge and provides food to visitors throughout the day without any charge. Historians also reveal that once Emperor Akbar visited the gurudwara and after meeting the Guru had lunch served in the Langar.







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