Hanuman Vatika


Hanuman Vatika is a beautiful garden temple devoted to Hanumanji, situated in Rourkela in the state of Odisha. This is a garden based temple, spread over thirteen acres of land. Here a statue of Hanuman is constructed with a height of 75 feet. This world famous Hanuman statue was designed and built by the famous statue builder, Sri Lakshman Swami of Hyderabad. A large Kalyan Mandap is also here for various social functions like marriage, Bratostaba, Ekoishia etc. Because the beautiful scenery and green area, a number of general visitors came to this place every day here.

The Vatika is full of gardens which makes the whole complex calm and relaxed. The Vatika was setup by Hanuman Vatika Trust and the initial initiative came from local politicians. This Hanuman statue in Rourkela is considered as a pride of Odisha. It could also be called as “the world of temples in Odisha”. A number of annual devotional programmes organised at this place which includes foundation day programme on 23rd February, Shivaratri, Rathayatra etc.

The garden temple of Hanuman Vatika has many temples inside it. This temples attracts the devotees throughout all days of the year. The various temples in Hanuman Vatika are listed below. The Lord Sri Ram and Hanuman temples are very famous temples in Hanuman Vatika. These temples were built in the main place of the garden and it was built by modern architectural design. Different kinds of Poojas are performed here on every day. The south Indian style of architecture is implemented in these temples.

The temple for the Lords Jagannath and Maha Laxmi is also situated in the Hanuman Vatika. The Jagannath temple has been built on the same pattern of Jagannath temple Poori. The Maha Laxmi temple in Hanuman Vatika was constructed by Mr.Jawahar Panda and he built this temple as per the devotees need.The temples for Maa Vimla and Maa Sarla were built by Mr. Satyanand Mohanty and Mr. Maheswar Kar respectively. The Radha Krishna and Maa Parvati temples in Hanuman Vatika is very popular because of Maa Parvathi who is the mother of the whole universe and is liked by every Hindu devotee in the world. This temple was built by Mr. Brindaban Sahoo from Ganjam district in the year 2004. The Lord Krishna temple was built by Mr. K.C. Sahoo in the year 1999.

The Somnath and Maa Santosi temples in Hanuman Vatika has a beautiful location in the garden. This temple is designed and constructed as like the Somnath temple which is located in Gujarat. Lord Shiva is in the form of twelve Joytirling in the temple of Hanuman Vatika. The Ganesh temple is situated at the entrance gate of the Garden.







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