Wild Boar / Domestic Pig

Wild Boar / Domestic Pig

Scientific Name: Sus scrofa (Wild Boar) / Sus scrofa domesticus (Domestic Pig).
Distribution:Least Concern (LC)

    In Religion and Mythology​

    Varaha avatara of Lord Vishnu

    The third avatara of Lord Vishnu was varaha, a boar. Varaha is generally depicted having a boar’s head on a human body.

    Varahi is the Hindu Goddess Durga in the form of a wild boar. She is regarded as the consort of varaha and one of the saptamatrikas (seven fierce forms of Goddess Devi).

    Consumption of pig meat – pork – is forbidden or considered haraam by muslims . A vast majority of Hindus also avoid pig meat although it is beef (cow meat) that is forbidden by the religion.

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