Botanical Name: Citrus limon (Linn.) Bunn. f.
Common Name: Lime, Nimbu (Hindi), Elumichai (Tamil), Jambira (Sanskrit)
Distribution: Throughout India

In Religion and Mythology​

The fruit is an emblem of Devi or Shakti

The fruit is an emblem of Devi or Shakti ( known as Amman in the Southern parts of India). Garlands made of lime are offered to the deity. The tree is also associated with Lord Shiva. It is the Stalavriksha at the Shiva sthala at Tiruanniyur in Tamil Nadu. Lord Shiva (Vikucharanyeswarar) is believed to have appeared here under a lime tree. Lime is also believed to ward off evil forces. Cutting them after reciting certain mantras is considered an effective method for driving away the evil spirits.

Lime has been used in Indian folk medicine since ancient time. The juice of the fruit contains Vitamin C and is essential for healthy skin and hair. Lime is used for making juice and pickles. Lime (mixed with pepper and curd) is used to controls dandruff.

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