Sacred Groves in Sikkim

Gompa-khecheopalri-village, Sikkim

Sacred Groves in Sikkim are attached to Buddhist monasteries. They are called Gumpa Forest Areas and are managed by Lamas.

56 sacred groves spread over four districts have been documented in the state. Cho Chuba, Loki Sharia, Guru Padmasambhava and Rolu Devi Than are the deities to whom these groves are dedicated.

Cupressus, Silver Oak, Tooni, Thotnay, Aiselu, Tusare and Ruk Saro are among the most commonly found plant species in the sacred groves.

The highlands of Demojong below the Khangchendzonga peak are the most sacred site.

List of Sacred Groves in Sikkim

Si.No Name  of  the Sacred grove Dedicated To Location Area (acres)
1 Chuba Cho Chuba North Sikkim Not Known
2 Dubdi Maonastry Chenpo’s green image, Nadakpa sect Sikkim 1.73
3 Enchery Monastry Lama Druptub Karbo (Buddha, Loki sharia & Guru Padmasambhava) Gangtok 4
4 Gadi Central Pandam Pandam Khasmal area of the grove 5
5 Kabi Longchuk Mountain peak Gangtok Not Known
6 Labrang Monastery Buddhism & Sikkim North Sikkim Not Known
7 Lhari –Rinchen Nying  Phug Goddess of wealth along with 3 goddess of bountiful harvests Kanchenjunga Not Known
8 Norbugang Yuksom, Coronation throne 2 Lamas (Chembo and Rinzing Chembo) Yuksom 1.73
9 Nor Gumpa Chogal Tashi Namgyal Gangtok Not Known
10 Nub Dechen Phu Guru Padmasambhava Yukosom Not Known
10 Phensong Monastry Jigme Pawo Yuksom Not Known
11 Phurchachu North sikkim Not Known
12 Rani Dhunga Lord Rama- Loarge stone South Sikkim Not Known
13 Rolep Boudha Foot print of a tiger on a stone West Sikkim 2.4 (RF)
14 Rolu Devi than Tiger and Ficus tree East Sikkim Not Known
15 Rumtek Old Monatry South sikkim Not Known
16 Tarku Tanak Kalimandir Tarku Tanak South sikkim Not Known




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